Application for use of the chapel
1. Application for the use of the Chapel for a wedding may be made by students or graduates of Mount Allison, employees and friends of Mount Allison and their immediate families, and residents of Sackville.

2. The chapel may be used for wedding services of any recognized religious groups or denomination provided that none of the basic furnishings of the Chapel are altered in any way.

3. Application must be made through the office of Facilities Management. Contact must also be made with the office of the University chaplain. Upon approval of the application, confirmation of a booking will be given by Facilities Management.

4. The receipt of the application form with the fee constitutes an application for the use of the Chapel. If the application is not approved, the full fee will be returned. If a booking is approved but later cancelled, an administrative fee will be charged.
Officiant at Chapel weddings
1.  The University chaplain is often available to conduct wedding services in the University Chapel. Many couples will ask the chaplain to conduct their wedding service; however, the chaplain may be on vacation in the summer or unavailable due to other commitments. The chaplain will provide, if necessary, the names of other ministers who may be contacted.

2. Couples may arrange for the clergy person of their choice to officiate at their wedding. A visiting minister or officiant should make a courtesy contact with the University chaplain.

3. Any wedding service conducted in the Chapel must be conducted by a clergy person properly authorized and licensed to perform marriages in the Province of New Brunswick. Clergy from outside New Brunswick must obtain a temporary license from the New Brunswick Department of Health and Community Services. This can normally be arranged through the clergy person’s denominational office.

Licence, registration, and certificate of marriage
1. Couples wishing to marry in the University Chapel will obtain a marriage licence from a Service New Brunswick counter — one is located in Sackville. An appointment should be made to obtain the marriage licence. Both prospective partners wishing to enter into marriage are required to be present. There is no fee for a marriage licence in the Province of New Brunswick.

2. A marriage licence is valid immediately from the time of receiving it, and remains valid for three months from the date of receiving it. It is helpful to the wedding officiant, however, to receive the license in advance of the wedding.

3. While the reading of banns is an option in lieu of a marriage licence in some provinces, a valid marriage licence must be obtained to complete the legal registration of marriage in the Province of New Brunswick.

Completing the marriage forms
1. Following the wedding, the couple will receive a “Certificate of Marriage”, duly witnessed and signed by the authorized officiant.

2. A marriage register is kept in the Chapel vestry, and must be completed and signed by the officiant, by the couple, and by two witnesses. This register must be used for all weddings in the Chapel.  If the University chaplain is not conducting the wedding, the chapel assistant will ensure that the register is made available.

3. A registration of marriage form (C-2) will also be filled out by the officiant, and signed by the couple and the witnesses and forwarded to the Department of Health and Community Services within three days of the wedding.


1. Usually the Chapel organ is used for weddings. Occasionally couples make alternate arrangements with musicians for piano or other instruments. It is the responsibility of the couple, in consultation with the minister, to make arrangements with the organist or other musician and select appropriate music. If necessary, the couple may request that the University assist with the arrangements.

2. If the couple makes arrangements for an outside organist, proper credentials must be forwarded to the University for approval in advance of the wedding date.

Candles, decorations, and Chapel furnishings
1. Candles are provided on the altar and may be used in their current location. Other candles and candelabra may be brought in provided that care is taken to avoid accidents and wax dripping on the floor or carpet. The chapel assistant will provide assistance with any candles which may be used.

2. Pew markers may be hung on the pew ends. Tape or tacks must NOT be used to affix pew markers or any other decorations.

3. Permission must be obtained from the chaplain or chapel assistant for any decorations or furnishings brought into the Chapel. The Chapel must be left as it was found prior to the wedding service.

Confetti, rice, or birdseed may NOT be used in the chapel or on the grounds near the entrance doors of the Chapel.

Photographs and video recordings

1. Photographs may not be taken during any service in the Chapel, in accordance with Chapel regulations. A wedding service is a worship service and unnecessary interruptions and distractions to the sacred rite of marriage caused by flash and by people moving around are to be avoided.

2. Video recordings are not permitted in the chapel except by special permission of the officiating clergy person. Permission may be given for one or two video cameras to be used provided that they are mounted on tripods or in other fixed positions. No video camera may be mounted in the chancel area of the Chapel.
Custodial services
Mount Allison custodial services will clean the Chapel prior to the day of the wedding. Any special requests regarding cleaning must be made well in advance through the office of Facilities Management.

1. In order to maintain fire lanes, guest parking is not permitted on the driveway leading past the Chapel. Accommodation is made for cars transporting members of the wedding party, and two to three cars can be parked in front of the Chapel on the wedding day. Guests may be dropped off at the Chapel using this driveway.

2. Guest parking is available in the small parking lots at the corner of York and Salem Streets, behind Thornton House, in the King Street parking lot and along Main Street. Parking is not permitted on York Street.

3. It may be determined that a campus police staff person should be in attendance to provide additional assistance on the day of the wedding (for instance, to provide directions to parking areas.) An additional charge may be billed to you for this service.

1. It is recommended that the wedding rehearsal is booked at the time of application for use of the Chapel for the wedding service to secure the rehearsal date. The University reserves the right to request a change in the time of the rehearsal to accommodate other events or activities in the Chapel.

2. Normally, the wedding rehearsal takes place in the evening prior to the wedding service, although you are at liberty to request another time (e.g., Friday afternoon, Thursday evening) in consultation with the officiating clergy person. The chapel assistant will be present for the rehearsal.  

Fees and honoraria
1. The fee for the rental of the Chapel, including the rehearsal, is $250 plus HST. The chapel will be reserved upon approval of the application complete with reservation fee.

2. If the University arranges for a qualified organist, the fee will be $75 and should be given directly to the organist. Organists may charge more if called upon for extra rehearsals or practice time with a soloist.

3. Many ministers do not charge a fee for their professional services, particularly for members of their own congregations; however, couples should express their gratitude to the officiating clergy with an honorarium. It is appropriate to discuss this with the officiating clergy person in advance of the wedding.

4. Honoraria or fees for participants in the service are usually presented at the rehearsal or at another time prior to the wedding service.
Chapel assistant
A chapel assistant will be available at the Chapel at the rehearsal and at the wedding. Do not hesitate to ask the chapel assistant for assistance.
Further information
Further information may be obtained by contacting Facilities management at 364-2251.

About the Chapel
The University Chapel was built in 1964. The seating capacity is approximately 220 persons, including 170 downstairs and 50 in the balcony.

The Chapel organ is a two manual Casavant with a total of 1,563 pipes. A piano is also available. Acoustically, the Chapel has a very pure sound, and so there is no electronic sound amplification system in the Chapel.

Occasionally, more than one wedding may be booked for a single day. Reservations may be made at two-hour intervals to accommodate the many requests for the use of the Chapel. This allows time for decorations to be put in place, guests to arrive, and for the service to take place with the possibility of pictures afterwards.

Normally, no weddings take place during the time that the University is closed over the Christmas break.

The University grounds are public access property, including Ladies' College Park (the Swan Pond), and are available for pictures without charge and without prior bookings, but no guarantee is made of their availability or their condition.