The Committee’s current membership is comprised of Mount Allison staff, students, greater Sackville community members, and faculty.

This page was created to be used as a resource by the committee to keep everyone updated on their progress throughout the year.

The University’s Environmental Policy outlines the mandate of the Environmental Issues Committee as follows:

  1. Man riding a biketo educate members of the University community on environmental issues and initiatives;
  2. to foster co-operation and facilitate communication between the University and the broader community concerning environmental matters of mutual interest;
  3. to foster co-operation and facilitate communication with other universities concerning environmental initiatives so that all institutions will benefit from environmental progress made at any one institution;
  4. to highlight to the community those courses and other educational opportunities that focus on environmental matters;
  5. at least once every three years to review and to either recommend to the President amendments to the Environmental Policy and its sub policies or recommend that they be confirmed;
  6. to review and to report to the President on the results of the annual audit completed under this policy; and
  7. to report to the President on any other matter on which it considers it appropriate to report.