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Please note: Failure to provide your exact name as it appears on your passport will result in an additional change of name fee of $350.

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Passport information

If your passport expires between September 2018 and September 2019, please leave this section blank and apply for a new passport immediately.

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 Will you receive anti-malaria medication(s) from your own doctor?


Please list any dietary restrictions [allergy, personal food choice (vegetarian etc.), any food that cannot be consumed due to religious beliefs or other].
Please list any medical conditions or medications you will be taking during the brigade. (This information will remain completely confidential).

Emergency contact

Two emergency contacts are required.

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Are you a returning Global Brigades member?


Use of personal information
The personal information on this form is being collected by the University for the purposes of the Mount Allison Global Brigades trip to Honduras in February 2019. Once the information is submitted, it will automatically be e-mailed to the administrative assistant in Student Affairs.

Some of the information, such as the name, passport number, date of birth, and passport expiry date, will be provided to the group’s student travel co-ordinator and to a travel agency so that travel arrangements can be made.

All of the information will be taken by a University employee on the trip so that the information will be available in the event of emergency. During the trip the information will always be in the possession of someone in your brigade, either with a University employee or with a member of the group’s executive if a University employee is not present.

The information will be destroyed once the trip is completed.
By checking this box you certify that the information you have submitted above is correct and you confirm that you understand and consent to the uses that will be made of the information as described above.