Nearly one billion people lack access to safe water. Water Brigades designs and implements water systems to prevent water related illnesses in communities with limited access to clean water. With a sufficient quantity of properly treated water community members can cut off the connection between water and illness and ultimately live healthier more productive lives. In-country team members work with community leaders to design large scale water systems for the entire community. Once planning and design is complete, volunteers work side-by-side with community members to construct the water system. Additionally Water Brigades and its volunteers provide education and training so that the community can properly administer, operate, and maintain their water system.

A Water Council and Basic Sanitation Committee are established in communities to ensure the sustainability of the community’s system as well as to improve sanitation and hygiene practices. With a holistic approach to development we plan to continue working with communities to improve their health and standard of living through the most fundamental resource on the planet, water.