Key WordsOur program encourages community involvement, social activism, civic responsibility, risk-taking, and effective collaboration. Previous leadership experience is not required. Students begin by attending workshops that focus on fundamental leadership skills and knowledge (e.g. reflective, divergent, and critical thinking). As they progress through the skill sessions, students simultaneously engage in project planning (independently or collaboratively). Depending on size and scope, projects may be completed during the academic year or over the course of several years. We recognize that leadership is exhibited and learned in many different contexts so our program requirements are flexible.

This year we're partnering for the first time with Enactus Mount Allison, a dynamic team of students engaged in social entrepreneurship. Their many projects generate exciting opportunities for leadership students interested in this type of work.


Vision 3Mentors, Facilitators, and Additional Roles
Leadership Mount Allison acknowledges that many students achieve competencies through their Leadership Mount Allison involvement and through other leadership experiences and training. Students may continue to advance and deepen their leadership practice by participating in program delivery as mentors, skills session facilitators, or through other administrative roles within the program. Leadership Mount Allison also welcomes and encourages involvement in program delivery by staff, faculty, and community members.