Samantha Carson                                                                                                              Improv Volunteers

Canadian Improv Games is a non-profit organization that provides theatre education to students in New  Brunswick and PEI. This year over twenty Mount Allison students engaged with youth from a dozen regional schools, such as Bernice MacNaughton High School, and groups like Theatre l'Escaouette. Through improv events and competitions, student facilitators helped participants build self-esteem and efficacy, and develop leadership skills. At the same time, facilitators were able to grow their own skill sets, both personal and professional.  

Philip Dewar
Committed to using entrepreneurial action to empower its community in economic, social, and environmental ways, Enactus Mount Allison worked with the University administration to re-open the Mount Allison farm, make it a viable enterprise, and transform it into a tool for applied learning.  Learn to Grow is a result of these efforts and is a project dedicated to educating students at the university and the local schools about sustainable agriculture.

AUPAC Program
The annual Atlantic Universities Physics and Astronomy Conference is a student run conference. This past year Mount Allison hosted 112 students, 40 of whom gave oral presentations. Participants had an opportunity to meet and hear Mount Allison alumnus, Dr. Kyle Hill who spoke job possibilities for Physics graduates; and engaged in stimulating discussion at The Women in Science panel. The turnout for the panel was terrific and involved conference participants, Mount Allison students, and faculty in stimulating discussion.


Dave Flemington       Students at LTS 1       Students at LTS 2      

Robin Bessemer & Michelle McLaughlan
Let's Talk Science is an award-winning science outreach program. The Mount Allison University group was founded this year. We work to bring fun science to children of all ages in schools and community groups in southeastern New Brunswick. The program is run by university students, and is completely volunteer driven. Essentially, students work with a classroom, a school, or a community group. They provide exciting, hands-on activities to supplement the science curriculum and to expose students to new ideas. Interest in the program has been tremendous, with 60 new volunteers trained in fall 2013.

 Girls Rock Camp
Josée Caron & Kevin Brasier

The camp's mission was to inspire creativity, encourage self-esteem and confidence, and teach participants about team-work through music. Local female musicians led workshops, band practices, and instrument instruction sessions that fostered positive and lasting relationships between campers who ranged in age from eight to thirteen. The participants had the option to play guitar, bass guitar, drums, and keyboard or to engage in vocals. All skill levels were welcome and most of the participants had little to no experience with music or performing. Check out CHMA's interviews with the enthusiastic participants by clicking here. (Thanks CHMA!)

Zettel Magazine Cover
Kristian Gilbert, Ericha Moores, Bhreagh MacDonald, Ewen Coles
Broadly speaking, Zettel Magazine is an inter-disciplinary, quarterly magazine with a focus on philosophy, literature, and art. A typical issue includes academic essays and creative non-fiction, poetry and short stories, along with reviews on artwork, film and music. All of the material in Zettel magazine comes predominantly from Mount Allison students, and is presented in a format that is accessible to the average Mount Allison student regardless of his or her background. For more on Zettel Magazine, check them out on Facebook.


The Argosy - Canadian University Press National Conference 2011
Noah Kowalski

The Argosy belongs to a student co-operative called Canadian University Press (CUP) that comprises over 70 student newspapers from across Canada. Each year CUP helps student newspapers organize regional and national conferences. The aims of the conference include providing communal space for independent student newspapers to group and discuss current issues, and opportunities to learn from peers and mentors in their fields.


Emma Kinloch

SMILE is a recreational and developmental program for children with special needs between the ages of 3-21 years. Each Saturday morning 50 Mount Allison students travel to the YMCA in Amherst, where they participate in a one-on-one basis with children in numerous recreational activities.

Sackville Minor Football/Mount Allison Mounties/CFL Spring Camp
Wray Perkin

This project is a Youth Football Camp for Sackville Minor Football. It aims to build on the success of last year's camp, by bringing in three to five professional football players for three days to assist in running the camp. Last year's camp was a resounding success, and this year's will help develop skills on and off the field for the youth involved.

Mounties in Motion
Meghan MacDonald

The purpose of Mounties in Motion is to establish a strong relationship between Mount Allison student-athletes and the Sackville community, and to instill in our athletes leadership qualities that they can take with them beyond university. Mounties in Motion has formed partnerships with Marshview Middle School and Sackville Memorial Hospital to provide a valuable experience for students, long-term patients, and student-athletes.

European Congress of Protistology Conference in Berlin, Germany
Michael MacGillivary

The 6th European Congress of Protistology (ECOP) is being held this July in Berlin, Germany. I am traveling to this conference to present results stemming from my Masters research on diatoms, a type of protist. By attending this conference I aim to draw international attention to the cutting-edge research that occurs at Mount Allison, and to gain exposure to current advances in the field of protistology that I will share with the Mount Allison community. In addition, I hope my participation will inspire future Allisonians to enhance their academic experience by presenting their research on an international stage.

Distribution of Resources to Brain Surgery Patients
Alyssa Patterson

The objective of this project is to provide an information package to patients scheduled for brain surgeries that will help the patients and their families mentally prepare for the operation. The package will contain book(s), a magazine style resource, pamphlets, and a personalized letter. These will be distributed in a Mount Allison branded plastic bag. The project will be piloted in Halifax through partnership with Dr. Simon Walling at the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital and, given positive reception, it is hoped that funding will be provided so that the project can continue to expand.

B.O.D.I.E.S. Workshops at Marshview Middle School
Cindy Ochieng

Building Optimal Development of Images through Educating Students (B.O.D.I.E.S) are developing workshops to educate adolescents about issues surrounding media literacy and cultural stereotypes. Through these workshops, we plan to educate students about the harm bullying inflicts and the effects on both parties. We believe there is a strong link between the ideals presented in the media and the impetus for bullying experienced by students. These workshops will be conducted at Marshview Middle School in Sackville, NB for grades five and six.

Sackville Arts Magazine
Erin Canning

The Sackville Arts Magazine is an arts-based publication that encourages community involvement within the local art scene. The magazine focusses on art events and happenings in Sackville. It also reports on issues prevalent in contemporary Canadian art. The SAM has three main goals: a) to increase community awareness and involvement within the arts scene in Sackville and the surrounding area; b) to initiate thoughtful engaging discussions of issues that are affecting and are being addressed by contemporary art practices; c) to create records of artistic happenings.

Mount Allison Habitat for Humanity
Hannah Saunders

Mount Allison Habitat for Humanity participates in a collegiate challenge in the Southern United States during our winter break. We take about forty students to work on Habitat for Humanity builds for families in need of decent, affordable homes. We fund-raise throughout the year here at Mount Allison to raise money for transportation and registration costs. We also donate to a local build and fund an international build in a developing country.

Kinetics of Reaction Between H With Lioh and NaOH in Superheated Water Probed with Muonium
Palak Satija

Three Mount Allison students, working under the supervision of Dr. Khashayar Ghandi, will be attending the 5th International Symposium on Supercritical Water-Cooled Reactors held in Vancouver in March. Each participant is required to create a presentation and write a paper that they will give at the conference. The study is part of the Generator IV initiative whose purpose is to generate more environmentally friendly and efficient nuclear power plants as a source of energy. Thorough analysis of the supercritical-water-cooled nuclear reactor requires the knowledge of water chemistry over a wide range of conditions. The considerable knowledge gap for conditions above the operating temperature of current-generation CANDU reactors forms the basis of this study.

Global Brigades Mount Allison
Kavish Chandra

Now in its third year, Global Brigades Mount Allison offers a comprehensive student volunteer experience through four synergistic programs (medical, dental, public health, and water projects) addressing the needs of rural Honduran communities. Sixty students will engage in five months of educational and language preparation through a rigorous new training program. In February students will engage in a week-long international development experience in Honduras in conjunction with a health professional team and will treat patients, build public health infrastructure and a water system while also engaging in an invaluable cross-cultural exchange.

Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference
Catherine Hughes

The CUPC is an annual conference hosted by undergraduate students for undergraduate and graduate students. The conference comprises guest lectures by notable physicists from across North America, along with oral and poster presentations by students on their summer research projects and visits to labs around the host campus and city. This year, CUPC is hosted by Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Campus Climate Challenge (C3) Maritimes
Naomi Mantz/Kelsey Ryan

Campus Climate Challenge (C3) is a student initiative which encourages residences and academic buildings on campus to compete against one another to determine which building can lower their energy use the most in one month out of the year. C3 aims to educate students, staff and faculty about energy use and possible means of reducing one's own personal energy use.

2010 Right to Play University Clubs Leadership Summit
Greg Stewart

This year's summit is designed to welcome, support and prepare participants for their role as Right To Play University Club leaders. We will get the opportunity to participate in a series of leadership workshops and peer presentations, as well as hear from several motivational speakers. This summit will also give you the opportunity for us to meet and share ideas with the other Right To Play club executives from all across the country and set our club's goal for the year.


Fine Arts Grad Exhibitions Catalogue and Poster
Corey Isenor

To design, manufacture and distribute a Mount Allison Fine Arts 2010 Grad Catalogue and Grad Poster that will record the artwork of the 2010 Fine Arts Grad Exhibition and, make it available to the students, their families, and community members of Mount Allison University. The catalogue will promote Sackville itself while also promoting the students and their work to other schools, universities, galleries and artist-run centers throughout Canada.

Shifting Lives - Short Film
Jean-Francois Arsenault

This project will see the transformation of an original screenplay by MtA student Vivi Reich into a short film. It will be shot mostly in Sackville with a cast of actors and a production crew of largely Mount Allison students.

Canadian University Press National Conference 72: Natural Selection
Julie Stephenson

The Canadian University Press National Conference provides student newspapers from across Canada with an opportunity to meet and learn together. This year's host paper is the Gateway from the University of Alberta. The four-day event includes sessions with other student journalists, discussions with industry leaders and several keynote addresses. A multi-level experience, the conference aims to give student journalists a forum to share ideas, discuss relevant issues, and interact with leaders from their fields. This year's event is entitled "Natural Selection" and will focus both on the changing face of media and the role students play in that area.

ATLIS Conference 2010-Human Security - Causes, Effects and Now We Respond
Rebecca Anne Dixon

The Atlantic International Studies organization (ATLIS) was created with the purpose of fostering informed undergraduate participation in international issues through scholarship and social and political involvement. ATLIS is committed to finding new and innovative ways to engage students in the world around them. Our annual conference draws together students, professors and agency and organization workers alike to present and discuss their thoughts relating to the year's theme and current events. This year the theme of the conference is Human Security: Causes, Effects and How We Respond.


SHOCK: (Science Hands on for Kids) Camp: A Science Camp for Boys and Girls
Amanda Cockshutt

For the third consecutive summer, a science camp for 60 boys and girls (ages 5-12) will be held July 28-30, 2009. This summer the camp is being offered in partnership with the Town of Sackville and forms part of their official summer schedule of children’s activities. The science-based activities are offered in parallel sessions to boys and girls. This year we are extending the lower age of the campers to include young children. In addition, the camp includes opportunities for high school students as "junior leaders".

Outreach Intern: Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) - Human Resource Department
Laura Stymiest

During the course of three months, I hope to work as the Outreach Intern of the Human Resource Department at MSF's head office in Toronto; a position I have been selected for. The internship is unpaid and its major objective is to establish a National Human Resources outreach and recruitment strategy to increase the number of field workers on MSF missions abroad.

Rights and Democracy Summer Internship
Kelly O'Connor

This summer I will be in Montreal for at least eight weeks as an intern for the Rights and Democracy student network, drawing up plans for a national youth committee. I will be creating a plan with the Rights and Democracy staff to track my progress through the internship, which I will use to reflect on how well I met our objectives and what I learned through the process.

The Otesha Project
Kelsey Ryan

The Otesha project is a cycling and performing tour and a charitable organization which educates communities through theatre, multi-media and storytelling workshops about sustainable living. Volunteers bike from community to community to perform and give workshops, while at the same time learning about environmental issues faced by the community and how they've been handled in the past.

Volunteer Placement with Women Society Pressure Group in Kathmandu, Nepal
Mayme Lefurgey

This spring I plan to travel to Nepal to work as a volunteer for Women's Security Pressure Group, which advocates for the liberties for Nepali women and serves as a fundamental outlet of social empowerment. In Nepal, I will be working under the Canadian organization, BaseCamp International Centre. As for the exact work I will be doing with the organization, they outline on the website that the staff at WSPG need assistance with administration, fund raising and program development as well as manpower to mobilize volunteer efforts. I will be helping the staff with report writing, proposal writing, policy making and language training for local volunteers, all of which is quite relevant to my studies here at Mount Allison.

Conservation Work in Honduras
Emily Lewis

Operation Wallacea is a series of biological and conservation management research programs that operate in remote locations across the world. These expeditions are designed with specific wildlife conservation aims in mind, from identifying areas needing protection to implementing and assessing conservation management programs. I will be traveling to Honduras as a forest research assistant in order to gain a more in-depth understanding of the methods used for environmental research, benefit the research teams, the overall project, and expand the knowledge base within the country.

BaseCamp International Volunteer Project at the Silais Health Clinic in Diriamba, Nicaragua
Rowan Chandler

I will be traveling to Diriamba, Nicaragua with BaseCamp International and I will be volunteering at the Silais Health Clinic. It is run by the Ministry of Health of Nicaragua and caters to low-income families. One day a week I will travel with their mobile clinic unit, which provides healthcare to people in very rural and remote areas. I will be living with a local family and will receive one month of Spanish language training to enable me to communicate effectively at work and at home.

Canadian Society of Zoologists Conference
Christie McClelland

As two students at Mount Allison University, we are presently doing research in Dr. Currie's lab in the field of molecular environmental physiology. We have the exciting opportunity to present our original data that we have collected over the past year, at the Canadian Society of Zoologists annual conference, taking place in Toronto. This conference will provide us with a valuable learning experience from which we will enhance our communication and leadership skills, which we hope to transmit to future students in our lab at Mount Allison.

Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution Conference
Michael MacGillivary

The Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution (CSEE) and the Genetics Society of Canada (GSC) will be holding their annual conference in Halifax from May 14-17. This joint meeting offers a wonderful opportunity to gain new insights into ecology, evolution and genetics, to share research interests, to expand networks with new colleagues, and to bring back to the Mount Allison community knowledge from cutting-edge research from the top Canadian scientists in the three aforementioned fields. I will be presenting results from my honours and masters research conducted at Mount Allison University.

Tintamarre Tour of “Argument”
Samantha Vaillancourt

Tintamarre is a theatre troupe that produces bilingual theatre through a unique collaborative process. This spring, from April 29 to May 13, eleven Mount Allison students will tour an abridged production of the collectively created show “Argument” to schools across New Brunswick and Nova Scotia with the goals of promoting the acceptance of diversity and the appreciation of the role theatre can play in education.

Vagina Monologues Production
Sarah Ann Smith

The Vagina Monologues is a dramatic production that brings together students, faculty and staff to direct, organize and produce the show itself as a fundraiser for a local charity. The play has been done before at Mount Allison and we are planning to bring it back as a collaborative effort between individual students, related social activist groups on campus, and interested faculty or staff persons. All proceeds will go to Autumn House, the women’s shelter in Amherst.

Youth Partnership With Jamaica
Luyao Li

Mount Allison Students have been traveling to Jamaica as part of Youth Partnership with Jamaica since 1998. There is a longstanding tradition between the two communities. Our group is made up of eight students and one adult; the students were selected through an application and interview process conducted by last year’s participants. In February 2009, we will travel to Kingston to assist in local community projects designed to increase our awareness of issues surrounding development and problems specific to Jamaica. The ultimate goal of the project is to seek the means by which to contribute the most, while imposing the least.

The Argosy @ Elsipogtog
Chris Durrant

Argosy reporters work with members of the Elsipogtog Youth Council to cover the stories they find important. The stories and pieces of Elsipogtog Youth Council members would then be featured in a 4 to 8 page supplement in the Argosy.

Religion and Environment Symposium
Christina Fry

The Religious Studies Society is planning a symposium for mid-March open to the university community and featuring an interdisciplinary discussion of the intersections of religious belief and environmental issues. The symposium will feature discussions and presentations e.g. how various faith communities understand the environmental crisis, the Green movement as a religious movement, historical perspectives, etc.

Promoting Literacy Close to Home: A Week in Newfoundland
Hannah MacDonald

We are three university students looking for something to do with our free time on spring break. Our aim is not sunny Cancun, skiing in Whistler, or shopping in New York, but instead our aim is to travel to a chilly, rural part of Newfoundland: Corner Brook. More specifically, we plan to visit a school that has particularly low literacy levels. Why? To do our part in trying to raise those levels! After reading statistics on how low literacy levels are in the province, we want one week to try and pass on our enthusiasm for literacy (and learning in general) by working intensively with these students to get them on the right path.

Mount Allison/Bishop’s University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference
Katie Saulnier, Gabriel Cretien

This annual conference provides an opportunity for undergraduate philosophy students to present their work in an academic environment and to receive feedback and presentation experience in the process. As well, the conference serves as a way to encourage the university community as a whole to take an interest both generally in student work and particularly in the work being done by students in our philosophy department.

Lights Out Mount A
Keleigh Annau

Lights Out Canada is an event during which schools across the country turn out their lights and follow lesson plans we provide about global warming and what youth can do to affect positive change. Over 100,000 students in 10 countries have participated in Lights Out thus far. Mount Allison will be the first university to participate fully in the event. Lights Out Mount A will be catered to the university setting—rather than following lesson plans, students will fill-out “Commitment Cards” online, asking them to make commitments to changing habits “at school, at home, and at play”.

Conduct Becoming CD
Kellen Barrett

Conduct Becoming CD is a production of an annual CD of original music by Mount Allison students. The project relies heavily on volunteer work by students including a student producer/engineer and musicians.

International Research Collaboration in Computer Science (Canada/France)
Dr. Laurie Ricker

As part of a large international research project, two Mount Allison students will work on the development of a software platform for research in supervisory control of discrete-event systems. A team of four students, two from France and two from Canada, will spend the summer implementing the platform, including a month (June) in France working directly with participants from the French research team. Development and testing will continue in Sackville for the remaining summer months.

Springhill Lamp Cabin Project
Dr. Rosemary Polegato

This is an extraordinary community-based project. A team of four students in Commerce 4301 (Arts and Culture Management) will make recommendations for the interior design and building use of the (Miners’) Lamp Cabin Building in Springhill, Nova Scotia. This building has been in disuse since the Springhill Mine Disaster (“The Bump of 1958”) occurred. Plans have already been drawn up to restore the exterior and structural integrity of the building. The expectations are that the team will provide fresh ideas and planning options to the “multi-constituent” committee in the Town of Springhill working on this project. A comprehensive written report and presentation will be given to the committee.

Catalyst Zine
Emily Cameron

Catalyst would like to produce a black and white zine/booklet featuring poetry, short fiction and non-fiction, and artwork on queer themes from people within our community. We would like funding for this project so that we could make copies of the zine available free of charge at various locations around campus and town, and at events such as the SACtivities fair, to give newcomers a very personal understanding of what our group is about.

Activist Training: A Pilot Project
Nico Dubé & Dr. Brad Walters

With the assistance of a few other students, I will organize an intermediate-advanced training for activists in Sackville (most, if not all, students) for my GENV 4951 class. The training will be delivered by the Tatamagouche Centre and will teach students how to teach and assist their groups in setting and achieving goals, and evaluating and reflecting on projects. If successful the Tatamagouche Centre and other funders have agreed to work towards a partnership that would enable the training to be delivered annually.

Positive Space Seminar (Coming Out Week)
Katie Saulnier

The Positive Space Campaign is an initiative to help make Mount Allison a more inclusive and safe environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer staff and students. Mount Allison and Sackville community members will be invited to attend a short seminar that will discuss topics such as heterosexism, homophobia, and what it means to be an ally. Upon completion of the seminar, attendees will be given a rainbow sticker to place on their door to indicate their office or room as a positive and inclusive space.

John Molson Sports Marketing Conference
Mary James Fisher

John Molson Sports Marketing is a conference which offers student the opportunity to learn from, and network with sports-business professionals. The conference is a source for students looking to get more out of their university experience with direct exposure to the sports business world. The conference is hosted by the John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, and includes students and faculty from across Canada. Throughout the four-day conference students get a chance to meet and network with other students, explore the city of Montreal, as well as hear reputable professionals from the sports industry speak about various topics in the industry.

Duke of Edinburgh Award: International Gold Event
Felicia Pickard

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Gold Event is a triennial conference held in one of the 120 participating countries around the world. The conference is held every three years to bring gold award achievers together to discuss issues relating to the award program in their countries and around the world, as well as concerns such as poverty and the environment. The conference is broken into two parts. The first portion is focused on completing the four components that make up the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award: service, learning a skill, physical recreation and an expedition. The second portion of the conference consists of the international board members meetings and discussion groups.

Atlantic Schools of Business Conference Presentation Project
Sally Ng

The Atlantic Schools of Business (ASB) Conference Presentation project will involve five Commerce students traveling to St. John’s, Newfoundland, and attending the ASB Conference to present case study reports and teaching notes on two organizations. As Canada’s longest running conference for business academics, the ASB Conference has a rich tradition of bringing post-secondary researchers and instructors together to disseminate research and teaching knowledge. As undergraduates attending and presenting at this conference, we have a unique opportunity for to converse with graduate students and academics about our research findings.

Three Generations of Teaching Documentary
Kailea Switzer

The objective of this project is to create a short film documentary that investigates how the career of teaching has both changed and remained the same over the past 60 years. Through interviewing four teachers, who are all members of the same family, important issues in the field will be addressed and hopefully new topics will emerge to spark future research. This inter-family approach is unique and highlights the role of the environment in one’s career choices, adding an interesting and important psychological perspective. With the integration of Psychology and Education, this film has the potential to serve as a permanent resource for courses in Educational Psychology, as well as in Bachelor of Education progams throughout Canada.

Sackville Coalition for Social Justice Meetings
Nicholas Dubé

Sackville Coalition for Social Justice seeks to promote, support and co-ordinate social justice work on campus. One key way in which this will be achieved is by bringing representatives from various social justice groups together to discuss their projects and possibilities for collaboration. Funds requested for refreshments.

Brass Quartet (and Brass Choir) Outreach Concert and Clinic Tour
Dr. Alan Klaus

This project will create and opportunity for the brass students to perform in various venues outside of Sackville. We will be providing instrumental clinics, along with concerts, to various middle and high schools in Atlantic Canada. We will produce a recording of the concert highlights for student use (ie. audition CDs and presents for family) as well as Mount Allison use (i.e. Library, and sending copies to interested school-teachers to help with recruitment). The most important thing is to challenge the students with the responsibility of planning (with faculty guidance) all the details of the tour, from promotion and booking all the way through sound editing and CD production. This practical experience will provide a taste of the so-called ‘real world’ they will face after graduation.