Leadership Mount Allison provides short-term funding to faculty for leadership development initiatives connected to a course or program of study. Grants are used to cover project expenses, which may include items such as travel, supplies, and other costs. Innovative projects offered in partnership with community organizations are particularly encouraged. To ensure that your application meets Leadership Mount Allison's project expectations, please consult our 'Application Rubric' (see the sidebar). Applicants should also familiarize themselves with our 'Vision, Mission, Goals, and Values' statement.

Selection Process
Selection is based on the following guidelines:

  1. Projects must have opportunities to advance student leadership competencies in one or more of the following areas:
        theoretical foundations of leadership;
        self-discovery and personal development; or
        development of groups, organizations and systems.
  2. Projects which demonstrate integration with the University’s academic mission and which support leadership
    development across the Mount Allison community will be prioritized for funding.
  3. Projects must include opportunities for shared learning and community service, using methods such as public events, support for social causes, and communication of project-related information through web sites, videos, or other media.
  4. Projects must involve student initiative. This can be demonstrated by ensuring that students are involved in developing, planning, and implementing the project.
  5. Projects must have merit and must be workable.
  6. Priority is given to new applicants and new ideas.
  7. Priority is given to projects that benefit many students.  

Guidelines for Conference-Related Projects
Many applications for curricular grants involve conference-related projects. To be considered for a grant conference-related projects must offer opportunities for student leadership development. Priority is given to applications with the following features:

  1. The content of the conference has particular relevance to leadership development.
  2. The project includes significant student involvement in developing and planning the conference and/or in presentations.
  3. The conference includes presentations by students.
  4. The project includes opportunities for shared learning after the event, by presenting the conference information to a Mount Allison or non-university group. This may take the form of:
        public events,
        support for social causes, and
        communication of project-related information through web sites, videos, or other media.
  5. The methods by which this will be accomplished must be described in the proposal. Dates by which the materials will be developed and/or presented
  6. The conference must involve additional funding sponsors, such as departmental funds, fund-raising initiatives, or self-funded components. 

If You Receive a Grant
Upon completion of their projects, grant recipients must submit a final report (including a synopsis of the project), a financial report, and an evaluation of their project’s success. The report must be received within one month of the project's completion. For information on reimbursement of grant funds and other matters, please consult the 'Tips for Grant Recipients' in the sidebar.

Application Deadline
Our grant competitions for 2015-2016 are now closed. Questions about the grants, the application procedure, and future competitions should be directed to the director, Mr. Pierre Arsenault. Email: