Meet the Winners of our #MtALeaders Contest

Erin Troughton


ERIN TROUGHTON, first year biology student and future veterinarian, took home $50 in Mountie money for her submission: "The leader that I most admire is Richard O’Barry. Not many people know who he is, but the work he does is truly incredible. Richard is the founder of the Dolphin Project and the director of the famous documentary The Cove. He is an animal rights activist and fights to help free innocent dolphins and other marine life from captivity and mass slaughter. The leadership traits I most admire about Richard are that he never gives up despite government and corporate backlash and he is constantly fighting for those who don’t have a voice and can’t fend for themselves."

Kate Ollerhead  

KATE OLLERHEAD, first year biochemistry student and two-sport varsity athlete, collected some Mountie swag for her entry: "I remember the day he died, when the world lost a hero. When I watched the film Invictus for the first time, I was immediately inspired by the story of Nelson Mandela. He fought, taught, accomplished and suffered so much for something as simple as equality. He went from prisoner to president, surpassing all expectations. He spent 27 years incarcerated for fighting for what was right. His leadership changed his country and the global mindset. He inspires me and everyone because of his determination, his relentlessness, his fight for justice and being the needed change in the world!"  

Conor van de Wetering
, fourth year environmental science major and passionate environmentalist, also earned some Mountie swag for this submission. "Bernie Sanders is the longest serving Independent in American history. At 74, he flies coach all across America tirelessly fighting for what he believes. Through the media’s ‘pragmatic’ lens, Bernie’s policies and self-proclaimed democratic socialism make him an un-electable idealist. Thankfully, Bernie doesn’t care about being ‘electable’, he cares about; climate change, systematic-racism, income-inequality, healthcare-for-all, and other important issues. Bernie’s passion for change and political integrity has sparked a full-fledged political-revolution that is actively threatening the oligarchy created by business-as-usual. I believe Bernie truly feels the “urgency of the moment”, to me he is the absolute moral leader of the 21st century."

Thanks to everyone who answered our question about admirable leaders. There were some terrific entries. Many thanks also to the people who provided some inspiration for the contestants.

#MtALeaders Contest
We asked our Director of Athletics and Recreation, Pierre Arsenault, which leader he most admires. Here's his response.PLA

"The Leader I most admire is my father, Roger Arsenault. My dad was not the Prime Minister or the head of a Fortune 500 company. He was a leader during his career with Marine Atlantic and the Province of NB and he was a leader as a coach and volunteer in our community. What I learned from my dad was to show respect for all others and more importantly, to live your values every day. My dad was (and is) always true to what he values. I hope with my own leadership experiences I can show a bit of my dad in that way."
Who inspires you?     
The World Economic Forum recently asked 1000 millennials which leaders they most admire. When the results were in Nelson Mandela, Pope Francis, and Elon Musk took the top three spots. Are you surprised? We were. So we've decided to conduct our own survey, with prizes for the best submissions.

But we're changing the game slightly. Our contest is open to everyone in the campus community (students, faculty, staff), and you can choose a leader of any stature, in any field or profession. Pick someone you know personally, or a community, business, education, sports leader, or even a world figure like Nelson Mandela. The main thing is that you identify an individual whose leadership qualities and style inspire you.
To Enter
Choose one leader you most admire, and in 100 words or less or in a 30 second video tell us why.
Email your submission to with #MtALeaders in the subject line. Or post it on Facebook or Twitter using #MtALeaders.
That's it! The contest closes on February 1, 2016 @ 11:59 PM. We'll announce the winning submissions by February 12 at the latest. First prize is a $50 Mountie money card, with Athletics swag for the runners up. Any questions? Send us a message at!


Andy HebertWhen asked, Ancillary Operations Manager, Andy Hebert, gave us this thoughtful response about the leader he most admires.
“The biggest impact in my life -- that has made me the person I am today -- is one of my instructors in the Canadian Armed Forces. When I joined the infantry reserves in Fredericton NB, I was 17 years old and lacked self-confidence because I was bullied through junior high and high school. I guess I joined because I had friends who were in this unit and it sounded like fun.
I had many superiors and instructors throughout my career, but there was one individual who was my instructor for a large part of it. He taught me discipline, the importance of team-work, and continually pushed me past my limits to prove that I had more in me than I thought. To be fair, he did this with everyone, but without forcing me to accomplish things that I never thought I could ever do he gave me a confidence that allows me to tackle anything in my life today without a second thought. I admired him and how he taught so when I became an instructor myself in the military, I modelled my style on his. He certainly taught me quite a lot and made me a better, more confident person.“

 We asked MASU president Dylan Wooley-Berry which leader he admired most and this is what he had to say. Dylan W-B

 "For me a leader is someone who brings people together in pursuit of a common goal. This can be done by anyone regardless of their role in an organization or a social movement. I think the degree of a person’s leadership abilities should not be measured by the number of their successes but rather by their willingness to engage with a challenge or a problem and inspire others to do the same. It is for this reason I think Jane Goodall is the perfect example of a true leader. Her passion for the environment and animals has inspired countless people over the years and her Roots and Shoots program has allowed for thousands of young people to critically engage with climate change."

We asked Coach Brady which leader he admired most and here's what he told us.

Scott Brady"The leader I admire most is my father Glenn Brady. He worked for Scotiabank for most of his life, in positions that required him to take on a number of leadership roles. What I admire most is that he cared about his employees and formed meaningful relationships with them while also holding them accountable to a very high standard. I always respected his straight-forward approach to leadership and his ability to communicate honestly with people. I've always tried to emulate his ability to build strong relationships with the people I lead that are based on honesty and accountability."