Mount Allison University looks toward a future where individuals actively engage in working together to meet new new challenges, both locally and globally. We envisage leadership development as fully integrated with the University's academic mission enabling all members of our community to develop and mobilize their potential for the common good.

Leadership class on siteMount Allison University sees leadership as a purposeful and collaborative process that fosters integrity, authenticity, and openness. It provides integrative opportunities to:

  • learn about leadership and develop a personal leadership philosophy;
  • apply and practice leadership skills; and
  • attain leadership competencies within a variety of academic and co-curricular contexts.
This learning process requires respectful dialogue, informed action, and honest self-reflection, to cultivate mutual understanding and personal growth.

Leadership Mount Allison has three principal goals.  

  • To advance student leadership competencies in self-discovery, personal development, interpersonal development, and in the development of groups, organizations and systems.
  • To support the advancement of leadership development across the Mount Allison community.
  • To integrate leadership development more fully with the University's academic mission.

Our program is guided by the following beliefs.BFoster-FPatten at U4 Leaders Summit

  • Everyone has a leadership capacity.
  • Leadership learning must be accessible to all members of our community.
  • Leadership development is a dynamic process of personal discovery, challenge, and growth.
  • Ethical awareness and decision-making are essential for leadership development.
  • Leadership development is tied to our inherent social and environmental responsibilities as community members.
  • Leadership development programs should be informed by sound scholarship and generally accepted standards of practice.