In the event of a campus-wide evacuation, unless instructed otherwise, campus will be closed and you will be asked to leave campus and return to your home.

Residence students will be instructed to report to the Tantramar Veterans Memorial Civic Centre at 182 Main St. 

Further details will be provided through:  

In the event of a campus-wide evacuation:

  • leave the building you are in immediately through the nearest exit
  • do not use an elevator
  • close doors and windows if it is safe to do so
  • provide assistance to those who are unable to leave the building on their own
  • remain calm and do as directed
  • do not waste time — if it can be done without undue delay, take your outdoor clothing and other personal items such as backpacks or handbags with you
  • once you have exited, keep clear of the building, and move off campus

If you are on campus, but not in a building when a campus evacuation is announced, leave campus immediately.