The University’s designated assembly areas are listed below.

In the event your building is evacuated for a fire or other emergency, you should go to the designated assembly area for your building.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the designated assembly areas for the buildings in which you spend the most time.

Athletic Centre
Bennett House
Bigelow House
Edwards House
Hunton House
Thornton House

Assembly area: Wallace McCain Student Centre (Gracie’s) 

Bennett Building
President’s Cottage

Assembly area: Purdy Crawford Centre for the Arts (lobby) 

Convocation Hall
Hart Hall
Owens Art Gallery
Assembly area: Breezeway (between Crabtree and the library) 

Dunn Building
Assembly area:
Owens Art Gallery

Centennial Hall
University Chapel

Assembly area: Dunn Building (lobby) 

Colville House
Bermuda House
Carriage House
The Anchorage

Assembly area: Hillcrest Parking Lot (far end near Salem Street) 

Harper Hall
Windsor Hall

Assembly area: Campbell Hall 

Campbell Hall
Assembly area: Harper Hall 

Crabtree Building
Assembly area: Avard-Dixon

Marjorie Young Bell Conservatory of Music
Assembly area: Ladies' College Park (swan pond) 

Purdy Crawford Centre for the Arts
Assembly area: University Chapel

Ralph Pickard Bell Library
Assembly area: Academic quad (area between the library, Gairdner, Barclay, the Owens) 

Wallace McCain Student Centre
Assembly area: Athletic Centre (lobby) 

Jennings Hall
Assembly area: Rectory Lane parking lot 

Facilities Management Building
Assembly area: North side quad (area between Jennings, Harper, Campbell, and Windsor)

Fawcett Building
Assembly area: King Street Parking Lot