• A lockdown is used when it may be more dangerous to evacuate a building than to remain inside.
  • A hold and secure is used to prevent people from moving into harm’s way when an emergency event is taking place off campus. You may be asked not to leave campus or not to leave your building, but will be able to move freely within your building/on campus.

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Notifications during a lockdown or hold and secure
If a lockdown or hold and secure is initiated, the University will notify you through MtA Alert, Mount Allison’s mass notification system.

Information will also be posted on the University website and the University’s official Facebook account and Twitter feed. The University will liaise with first responders throughout to ensure you have the most up-to-date information possible.

Be aware that media reports and social media postings during an emergency may be unreliable.

Steps to take during a hold and secure

  • Remain inside the building unless instructed otherwise.

Steps to take during a lockdown

  • Lock and/or barricade doors if possible
  • Turn off lights.
  • Stay away from all windows and remain in a position not readily visible through a window or door.
  • Call 911 if safe to do so and only if you have specific information regarding the threat or immediate concern for your safety or the safety of others.
  • Silence your phone and any other devices from rings and vibrations and remain very quiet. Do not make any non-essential calls.
  • Do not post information on social media that:
    • could reveal your hiding place
    • indicates where first responders are located
    • could compromise other people’s safety by contributing to feelings of panic or by spreading misinformation
  • Conceal or cover yourself behind desks, filing cabinets, or other large pieces of furniture. Stay low to the floor if possible.
  • Comfort others who may be panicking and assist injured if necessary.
  • Do not answer the door once it is locked or allow anyone to talk their way inside.
  • Make a plan in case the intruder(s) gains access to the room.
  • Wait for police to arrive. Do not enter hallways, stairways, etc., until instructed to do so. Upon arrival of the police, obey their instructions, including showing your hands when asked to do so.
  • Remember it may be several hours before you can be safely evacuated.
  • If possible, monitor the Mount Allison website and MtA Alerts for updates. Media reports during an emergency may be unreliable.
  • Should the fire alarm go off during a lockdown:
    • Evacuate only if you see smoke or fire
    • If no smoke or fire is visible, remain in place until given further direction by first responders or through the MtA Alert system.

If you are in an open area (such as the library, the dining hall, or a hallway) when a lockdown is initiated:

  • Leave the open area if possible and enter a room or area where you can follow the lockdown procedures above.
  • If you are unable to leave the open area, conceal or cover yourself behind large pieces of furniture and stay low to the floor.

If you are outside when a lockdown is initiated:

  • Leave campus if you can do so safely. If this is not possible, take shelter in a room in the nearest building, following the lockdown procedures above.

Ending a hold and secure or lockdown

  • A message will be sent through the MtA Alert system when a lockdown or hold and secure ends.
  • You may also be informed in person by MtA security or first responders.

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