University offer presented to the Mount Allison Faculty Association

On Feb. 1, following negotiation sessions held Thursday and Friday, Jan. 30 and 31, the Mount Allison bargaining team presented the following, revised offer to the faculty association bargaining team. The offer was tabled and discussed in the presence of the provincially-appointed mediator. The offer:

  • Addresses numerous subjects brought forward by the faculty association
  • Reflects a small number of changes tabled by the University
  • Focuses on productive enhancements to the current collective agreements
  • Incorporates changes to the collective agreements that are financially sustainable, while continuing to support the academic mission of the University
  • Takes into account commitments made to, and the ongoing interests of, other important University stakeholders: students, non-bargaining staff, employees of other bargaining units, and the Province of New Brunswick

Additional information on items such as faculty workload, part-time faculty, salary scales, workplace accommodations, tenure and promotion processes, and library service requests can be found on the key bargaining information page. Links to relevant sections of the key bargaining information page can also be found in the components of the offer listed below.

University proposals in response to MAFA  

  • Salary increases of 1.6 per cent (effective July 1, 2019); 1.65 per cent (July 1, 2020); and 1.7 per cent (July 1, 2021) for full-time faculty and librarians.
  • Renewing the leave replacement plan in its entirety.
  • Adding a top-up benefit to workers' compensation payments.
  • New language on accommodation and a process for developing an accommodation policy for MAFA members.
  • Increasing the course-release credit received for supervising honours research.
  • Providing course-release credit for approved supervision of independent study courses.
  • Librarians will be able to carry forward and make use of unused librarian research days up to two months into the following academic year.
  • Increasing the childcare expense benefit.
  • Enhancing the benefits package by adding medical advisory services, at no additional cost to members.
  • Granting teaching instructors first right of appointment.
  • Ensuring a consultation process before faculty are transferred between departments and programs.
  • Establishing a committee to recommend changes related to legal representation for members of the faculty union.
  • Additional resources when course enrolment caps are increased.
  • Establishing a committee to recommend improvements in the area of research administration.
  • Allowing professional expense reimbursement account balances to be carried over for those with back-to-back term academic appointments.
  • Increasing the relocation allowance for faculty and librarians moving to the community for an 8- to 12-month appointment with the University.
  • Hiring searches for teaching post-docs will follow the same processes as for members of faculty.
  • Retirees will receive the staff rate for fitness centre membership.
  • Increase to the part-time stipend (consistent with the percentage increase to full-time salary scales).
  • Supplementing the stipend for part-time employees teaching courses of more than 60 students.
  • Expanding the possibility for part-time faculty members to get first right of appointment for positions. 
  • The University will provide part-time faculty members three weeks’ notification before the employee must vacate their office (e.g., following the completion of their appointment).
  • Lowering the minimum earnings threshold for part-time employees to join the pension plan.
  • Above a certain threshold, part-time earnings by full-time employees will now become eligible for pension contributions.
  • Part-time employees, or former part-time employees who cannot come to campus, may request electronic copies of items in their official file.
  • Deemed hours of work for employment insurance purposes will be included in part-time employees’ letters of appointment.
  • Increasing the number of course credit hours the union can purchase to allow its members to participate in union activities (from six credit hours per year to 24 credit hours over three years).

University proposals

  • The majority of the faculty members serving on the committee that approves promotion to full professor will hold the rank of full professor.
  • Include external letters of evaluation as part of all tenure reviews.
  • Letters of discipline involving a suspension in an employee’s file that are directly related to an employee’s performance of their professional duties will now be available for review by Tenure and Promotion or Sabbatical Leaves committees.
  • Revising the definition of dean from its current form to be more generic.

Inclusion of changes previously agreed by both parties

  • Introducing gender neutral language throughout the agreement.
  • Expanding the scope of diversity and equity initiatives related to hiring to include Indigenous people, racialized groups, and people with disabilities, in addition to gender.
  • When a probationary employee receives an unsatisfactory evaluation, the University will provide a copy of the evaluation to the union unless the employee asks the University not to do so.
  • Probationary employees will have an opportunity to adjust their activity report based on comments from their career development review; the new activity report will replace the original.
  • Agreement on the use of Novanet.
  • Updating contract wording to reflect legislative changes related to childcare and parental leave.