The University fully supports the rights of all members of the Mount Allison Faculty Association (MAFA) — both full-time and part-time faculty and librarians — to be active and engaged members of their union and participate in voting processes.

MAFA strike vote Jan. 21 and Jan. 22

On Jan. 21 and Jan. 22, MAFA held a strike vote for its members in the two collective bargaining units it is representing in negotiations with the University: full-time faculty and librarians and part-time faculty and librarians.

The official strike vote is used by MAFA to assess the level of member support for a strike, should MAFA deem such an action to be necessary and in the best interest of its members.

As such, the outcome of the official strike vote has significant implications for MAFA and its members, the University, and students and families.

Results of voting

In a media release published Jan. 24, MAFA reported that members of both collective bargaining units voted in favour of a strike mandate. 

The University understands the following:

  • Full-time bargaining unit: of the 123 MAFA members reported as voting, 91 cast votes in favour of a strike mandate.
  • Part-time bargaining unit: of the 18 MAFA members reported as voting, 17 cast votes in favour of a strike mandate.

Understanding the implications

MAFA notes in its Jan. 24 news release that it represents approximately 150 full-time and 60 part-time faculty and librarians. 

A strike mandate potentially impacts all members of a bargaining unit, not only those members who voted.

  • Full-time: 91 votes cast in support of a strike mandate equates to a level of support of 61 per cent of all full-time MAFA members.
  • Part-time: 17 votes casts in support of a strike mandate equates to a level of support of 28 per cent of all part-time MAFA members.

Request for clarification in progress

It is not clear how the voting results for the part-time bargaining unit reached the minimum standard to provide MAFA with a strike mandate.

As a result:

  • The University advised MAFA on Friday, Jan. 24 that we would ask the New Brunswick Labour and Employment Board (LEB) to determine whether there is a mandate for the part-time bargaining unit, based on the conduct of the vote and the turnout.
  • On Monday, Jan. 27, a referral was sent to the LEB and also shared with MAFA.
  • We understand from MAFA that as a result of our referral, they are issuing a strike notice deadline for full-time members only.

The University will provide an update on this inquiry after we receive the outcome of the review.