Updated Feb. 13, 2020 

If you have a question that is not answered in the FAQ below, please send it to negotiations@mta.ca

Mount Allison recently experienced a five-day labour disruption. Given its short duration and the decision to make up two instructional days, the University schedule and academic term will not be significantly disrupted or altered.

What happens when classes resume? When will I have to submit assignments, write mid-terms, etc.?
Faculty will discuss with you plans for any modifications to your courses and revised academic deadlines. You may run into situations where you have multiple mid-terms or assignments scheduled in a short period of time. Should you experience this type of situation, your first step should be to speak to your professors. Many professors will be able to accommodate requests for deferrals or alternate dates, but they cannot help you if they don’t know you need help. This was also addressed at Senate and the provost has written to faculty directly.

When will decisions be made about lost instructional days?
Senate met on Feb. 11 to consider a motion on how to make up some lost classes. Senate voted to amend the academic schedule as follows:

  • Move the last day of classes from Friday, April 3 to Tuesday, April 7, adding two new instructional days to the schedule
  • Move the deadline for withdrawing from winter term courses without academic penalty to March 6

Will I receive financial compensation for the strike?
Based on student feedback during these negotiations, it has been determined that compensation will be provided. The length of the disruption has not significantly altered the academic delivery of courses; however, in recognition of the inconvenience to all students, the University is providing an amount of $200, which will be directly applied to students’ accounts. If accounts have been paid in full, students registered as of Feb. 1, 2020, may request a refund  or leave it on their student account to cover future expenses.

How did you decide on the amount of $200?
Even though the strike was of minimal length and impact, we acknowledge that all students were affected. Each student would have experienced this differently, however we felt that each student deserves the same adjustment. The University engaged in consultations with MASU prior to a final decision, given its role in advocating for compensation related to the labour disruption.

How do I request a refund of $200?
A $200 account credit will be applied to student accounts by Monday, Feb. 17. This could stay on your account to cover future expenses or if your account is paid up in full, you may request a refund. Financial Services will be sending out an e-mail with a link to a form to complete and confirm your request for payment. Payments will be made within two weeks of your request.

Will there be an adjustment for international visa students?
The University has considered the special circumstances of international visa students and on this basis will issue a one-time credit toward their $100 registration deposit for September 2020. Students can choose to keep the credit on their accounts or have the money refunded if their account is paid in full. This is in addition to the $200 credit for all students. The International Centre has communicated this information to international students by e-mail. Additional information about how this will be applied to students’ accounts will be communicated later in the term by the International Centre and Financial Services.

Will winter study break be cancelled?
Winter study break will be held as scheduled, Feb. 17-21.

Will the academic term be extended?
The academic term will not be extended. Final exams are scheduled to be finished by April 18.

Will the exam schedule stay the same?
The posted exam schedule (April 8-18) will not be changed.