For a quarter of a century, Fine Arts department head and visual artist Thaddeus Holownia has been printing Mount Allison’s diplomas.

thaddeus holownia diploma printingThe tradition of hand printing Mount Allison’s diplomas dates back to the early 1900s. Holownia prints the diplomas using the letterpress process at the Anchorage Press in Jolicure, New Brunswick.

Each of the names of Mount Allison’s graduates is hand cast and printed with an embossed method on the diplomas. Each spring he spends considerable time casting all the names of the graduates before printing the diplomas for Convocation.

“The two colours of ink and the scale contributes to the special presence the Mount Allison diploma has on the wall,” he says. “Each one has a real relationship to the history of degree granting at Mount Allison University.”

Diploma frames especially designed for Mount Allison graduates, emblazoned with the University crest, are also available for purchase. For more information, see diploma frames.