Updated Sept. 9, 2020

The global impact of COVID-19 is unprecedented. It’s changing every aspect of how we live, learn, work, and interact with each other.

You will notice a number of changes upon your return to campus:

  • NEW ENTRANCES & EXITS — to better and more safely manage the flow of people in and through University buildings, some doors have been designated as entrances while others have been designated as exits. 
  • NEW DIRECTIONAL SIGNAGE IN BUILDINGS — in an effort to bring a uni-directional approach to the movement of people through buildings, floor decals and overhead signage will direct you which way to go. Where the one-way flow of traffic is not possible, the same decals and signage will indicate which way to go.
  • UP & DOWN STAIRWELLS — some stairwells have been designated for “upwards” traffic, while other stairwells are for “downwards” traffic. For buildings with only one set of stairs, keep right going up and coming down. 
  • PLEXI-GLASS PARTITIONS — plexi-glass partitions have been set up at student-facing service counters desks and student-facing work stations where it’s not possible to maintain minimum physical distancing requirements (2m).
  • INCREASED SANITIZATION STATIONS — more hand-sanitizer stations have been set up on campus in high-traffic areas. You’ll notice the addition of disinfectant wipes in public spaces. Signage will direct users to wipe down surfaces before and after usage.
  • REDUCED SEATING IN CLASSROOMS & MEETING ROOMS — all rooms on campus have been re-assessed for occupancy allowances in compliance with Public Health guidelines. The maximum occupancy for each room will be posted outside the rooms. Once inside, physical distancing requirements must be maintained.
  • NON-MEDICAL MASKS — Wearing a mask in classrooms and on campus is mandatory.

Visit the health and safety information and preparedness page for more information on non-medical masks, supplies to bring with you, what to do if you get sick, and testing and quarantine protocols.

Building hours

Some adjustments to building hours have been necessary so that all classrooms, labs, and other spaces can be cleaned and sanitized following each day's activities. Building hours will be assessed on a regular basis and may be adjusted during the term to better meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff. Any changes will be communicated in advance.  

The video below provides a better idea of the many changes that have been put in place on campus and in classrooms, including safety measures that apply to use of these spaces.

Steps to take when entering buildings or classrooms on campus

  • Designated seatWear a non-medical mask — the use of masks is mandatory indoors
  • Respect directional signage — signage is in place to indicate entrances and exits to buildings, traffic flow in hallways, and traffic flow in stairwells
  • Respect physical distancing — maintain 2-metre spacing between you and others when entering and exiting buildings and when moving across campus; this will mean it takes longer to get where you are going — be patient and plan accordingly!
  • Sanitize your hands — sanitize your hands when you enter a building and/or a classroom; hand sanitization stations are located in common areas throughout each building
  • Find a designated seat — classrooms and labs have been arranged to respect 2-metre physical distancing — please only sit in a designated seat; in classrooms with fixed furniture, seats will be marked with a "Designated seat" sticker; longer tables in classrooms have been marked to show where you should place your chair to maintain your distance from your classmates
  • Fill in seats as you go — when you choose your seat, make sure you are not cutting off access to another seat (for example, if a seat is free in the middle of the row, don't sit at the end of the row); the idea is to ensure no one has to pass by you to get to a seat
  • Sanitize your desk or work station — disinfectant wipes will be available in every classroom; wipe down all the hard surfaces of your desk or work space (including desk top, seat and arms of the chair, etc.) each time you enter a class; each type of wipe has specific instructions to ensure sanitization of your space — as the type of wipes may be different from building to building or may change during the term, make sure you read the instructions for the wipe you are using at any given time
  • Exit the classroom row by row — take your time when leaving a classroom; much like exiting an airplane, allow those in the rows ahead of you to exit first
  • Let the previous class exit a class before you enter — if you are waiting to enter a classroom, maintain physical distancing with others who are waiting and stay off to the side so as not to block the exit; wait until everyone has exited the classroom before you enter and follow the steps above
  • Limit your time in buildings — when your class is over, please exit the building to help limit the number of people in a building at any given time; if you need to speak to classmates, it is much safer to do so outside where physical distancing can be maintained

If you need to leave a room during a class:

  • Ensure your non-medical mask in place
  • If you need to go past another student to leave, quietly get their attention and indicate you need to get out
  • Exit the classroom, while maintaining physical distancing

If someone needs to get past you to exit a class:

  • Ensure your non-medical mask is in place
  • Move out of the row to clear the way for the other student to leave, ensuring you maintain physical distancing (for example, in a theatre-style classroom, with an exit at the back of the room, step down a row so the person exiting can go up and out without having to go by you)

Eating and drinking in class

It is recommended to keep eating and drinking in class to a minimum, but if you must have food or drinks:

  • Sanitize your hands before eating — it is a good practice to carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you at all times
  • Replace your non-medical mask when finished — while non-medical masks are mandatory on campus, if physical distancing is being maintained, you can remove your mask temporarily to eat or drink
  • Carry any garbage with you — as always, leave your space clean — bring any garbage with you when you leave and put it into a waste container