Updated Aug. 10, 2020

Important information about self-isolation in residence

Please read the following information very carefully. Contact Residence Life Manager Karen Geldart at 364-2121 (office) or kgeldart@mta.ca if you have any questions or concerns.

Students will not be permitted to move freely throughout the residence or to socialize during the 14-day self-isolation period. Common areas, including laundry facilities, lounges, study areas, and kitchens will be closed during self-isolation. Outdoor time will be organized through Orientation and a schedule will be provided. Online programming is also being developed to keep students engaged and entertained during this self-isolation period. In case of a fire alarm, student must wear a mask and exit the building at the closest designated exit, keeping in mind physical distancing when exiting and returning to the building.

In the event of an emergency, such as difficulty breathing, please contact 911 and then, if possible, Campus Security at 364-2228.

For non-emergency questions about your health, e-mail health@mta.ca or take the Government of New Brunswick’s online assessment. If you feel you have symptoms of COVID-19, contact Tele-Care at 811. Please be sure to disclose to them that you are currently in isolation.

The Mount Allison Residence Life team will continue to help you in any way they can while you are in isolation. You can contact a don in your building by calling or e-mailing them. Although the don will not be able to enter your room to speak to you in person, they can assist you with questions, noise concerns, referrals, or other residence issues you would like to discuss.

Please contact the Meighen Centre at accessibility@mta.ca to assist you with all of your academic questions or concerns.

You will be delivered a meal three times a day. Meals will be provided in takeout containers that will not need to be returned/collected or washed. Meals will be placed outside your room at approximately 9:30 a.m., 1 p.m., and 5:30 p.m. Staff will knock on your door and announce that they have delivered the meal. Shortly after, we ask that you open your door just enough to retrieve the meal and take it inside your room. Food deliveries will only be left outside your door for a maximum of one hour for food safety reasons and then it will be removed and discarded. Please use your mini fridge to keep any leftovers at a safe temperature.

Meal selections

  • Download the Hey Chef app
  • Use the five-digit access code provided to you to set up your sign in
  • Order all three meals by 2:30 p.m. for the following day
  • If there are any concerns with your meals, please e-mail dining@mta.ca

Garbage bags have been supplied. Please place all food or other garbage in the bags provided. When your garbage is ready for pick up, place it outside your door. Custodians will come by daily.

Card access has been provided. Please take your ID card with you in the event of a fire alarm.

Please refrain from consuming any alcohol/drugs or other intoxicants while in isolation.

You have been provided with some cleaning supplies. Please use these to keep your washroom clean and comfortable during your stay. Using the paper towel provided, spray the cleanser on the sink, bathtub/shower, and toilet liberally, let sit for a minute and wipe clean. Please keep cleanser away from your face/eyes. Dispose of the paper towel in the garbage bags provided. Should you require more cleaning supplies, please e-mail kgeldart@mta.ca

Please do not order local food as these deliveries cannot be made to you. You can order non-perishables or items from local merchants by phone or order online with credit card with your delivery address as 62A York Street — they must be dropped off at the Bookstore loading dock. We will deliver these orders, and any other online orders delivered by Canada Post and courier trucks, to you during isolation time only.

Self-isolation supports

  •  During the self-isolation period, students will have access to a range of virtual programs, delivered by Orientation Leaders, University staff, volunteers, etc.
  • Students will be encouraged to draft their own mental health and wellness support plan prior to their arrival on campus.
  • Staff and volunteers will assist with conducting regular (virtual) check-ins with students who are self-isolating.
  • For residence students, residence dons will offer virtual group meetings with residents in their buildings in order to offer an opportunity for students to socialize virtually, to answer student questions, respond to concerns, etc. These meetings will take place two to three times per week during the isolation period. Dons will also be available virtually during evenings and weekends to respond to student concerns (noise, maintenance concerns, etc.) and to check on students well-being.