The Pan-University Advisory Committee on Women's and Gender Issues is a committee empowered to study and address issues related to women and gender on the Mount Allison University campus.

Established in 1987 to address issues of particular importance to women on campus. PACWGI now includes women and gender issues.


To advise the university on policies, planning and concerns involving women and people of diverse gender identities. (Staff, Faculty and Students)


To document and analyze issues, and write letters and briefs in support of initiatives that will benefit gender equality, combat discrimination and improve the professional climate and working environment for women on campus.


  • Inclusion of part-time staff in university contracts (1988)
  • University Policy on Gender Neutral Language
  • Establishment of York Street Daycare
  • University policy on Sexual Violence
  • Hiring of the first Sexual Harassment Advisor
  • Support for establishment of Women's Studies program and hiring a designated faculty member for Women's Studies ("gender" added)
  • Support for speakers on issues related to women and gender
  • Hiring of summer student to review Sexual Harassment Policy and produce a student guide to the policy
  • Organizing Annual December 6th Memorial
  • Organizing International Women's Day and Week events
  • Survey on demands and needs in respect to childcare
  • Support for Women on the Academic Tundra conference
  • Updating committee name and intention to include women and gender
  • Campaigns on issues of concern to women
  • Consulting on Positive Space Campaign 


Mount Allison Faculty Association (MAFA) representative - Rima Hazar

Women and Gender Studies representative (WGST) Designated faculty- Pending

CUPE 2338 Facilities representative - Raeghann Lister

CUPE 3433 Mount Allison Staff Association (MASA) representative - Kellie Mattatall

Mount Allison Student Union (MASU) representative - Venna Penney

Women and Gender Studies (WGST) Student representative- Seena Katayama

SHARE student representative - Paige Percy

SHARE Advisor (ex officio) - Melody Petlock

                             Positive Space


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