Thesis guidelines



TO:  Honours Students and their Supervisors


FROM: Office of the Academic Deans


SUBJECT: 2017-2018  Guidelines and Regulations for the Preparation,

Reproduction, and Submission of an Honours Thesis at Mount Allison University


DATE:  August 1, 2017


The following guidelines and regulations have been developed to ensure that theses are prepared according to a schedule and in a manner that is consistent with accepted standards.  It is recognized that individual departments may require earlier submission of work or they may have additional requirements.


Departments may also have individual requirements with regard to style, format, and preparation.


I.  Regulations and Timetable for Submitting Thesis


a) The student must submit the thesis to the department or program for grading no later than the first day of the Winter term examination period. (Calendar Regulation 10.10.5; for 2017-2018 on 12 April)


b) The instructor or evaluation committee will submit the mark for the thesis to the Registrar’s Office no later than four calendar days after the last day of the April examination period which is 25 April. (Calendar Regulation 10.9.2; for 2017-2018, 21 April is the final day of exams).


c) The student is responsible for submitting two bound copies of his/her thesis in accordance with Calendar Regulation 10.10.5. Two copies of the thesis must be submitted to the Deans’ Office  NO LATER THAN  21 April. One of these is placed in the University Archives; the other is available as necessary for library use. Some departments require that another bound copy be submitted for the departmental collection. It is also expected that the student will wish to keep at least one copy for his/her personal library. (Binding can be done at Departmental Support Services (Book Store) - Wallace McCain Student Centre).


 II. Technical Details

a) The original copy must be typed and printed on bond, 8½" by 11" paper. A 12 point font is required. Spacing can be 1.5 or single spacing with a space between paragraphs unless otherwise specified (e.g., by the Department). The thesis may be printed double-sided and the use of a “gutter” on the binding edge is recommended.


b) Photocopies can be made at Departmental Support Services (Wallace McCain Student Centre).


c) The presentation and format should follow the guidelines given by a style manual appropriate to current usage for publications in the discipline. A reference librarian can provide specific information upon request.


d) Special attention should be paid to the bibliography. Entries must be complete enough to permit ready reference to the sources used by the author of the thesis.


e) The title page should conform to the model provided in Appendix 1 of this memorandum.


f)  The cost of reproducing and binding two copies of the thesis will be charged to the Library by Departmental Support Services. Please have your Faculty Advisor sign the authorization form attached as Appendix 2. Give this form to Departmental Support Services when having the thesis photocopied and bound. A copy of the authorization form can be obtained from Departmental Support Services if the attached is lost or misplaced. Where possible, the cost of reproducing and binding a copy for departmental use will be paid by the Department. The student will be responsible for the cost of producing his/her own copy or copies.


g)  A library release form (available on the Deans’ web site as a fillable form) must be submitted with the thesis. This form (Appendix 3) must be signed by the author in the appropriate place and must not be bound into the thesis.


Appendix 1 - Title page

Appendix 2 - Authorization for DSS to charge the library for copies of the thesis  

Appendix 3 - Authorization for library to reproduce thesis