• Gita Anand
  • Charlie Burke
  • Brent Hawkes
  • Cheryl Hodder, Chairperson
  • Christina Ionescu
  • Vett Lloyd
  • Odette Snow
  • Lisa Yarmoshuk


  • Jean-Paul Boudreau, President
  • George Cooper, Chair Board of Regents
  • Peter Winters, Chair Executive Committee
  • Lynn Loewen, Chancellor
  • Jeff Hennessy, Provost and Vice-President Academic and Research

The academic affairs committee is a standing committee of the Board.

The committee reviews and advises the Board on issues and topics relating to academic affairs as they fall within or affect the general scope of the Board's mandate and responsibilities.

Terms of reference
The academic affairs committee shall have the following terms of reference.

The committee shall:

  1. examine and review the academic affairs of the University so as to inform the Board of Regents on academic matters which the committee considers would be of general interest to the Board of Regents and provide advice to the Board including recommendations regarding policy and action when the committee deems it necessary and appropriate.
  2. review and monitor the implementation of or adherence to any strategic statement, objective or plan of the University as it relates to academic affairs and report to the Board accordingly;
  3. support the vice-president, academic and research in addressing academic issues and academic initiatives;
  4. review such other issues and topics as the Board or the executive committee may from time to time refer to the committee; and
  5. meet at least three times per year.

The academic affairs committee shall consist of:

  • the chairperson
  • six members, at least one of whom shall be a student and at least one of whom shall be a faculty member
  • the vice-president, academic and research (ex-officio)
  • the Chancellor (ex-officio)
  • the chair (ex-officio)
  • the chair of the executive committee (ex-officio)
  • the President (ex-officio)