• Jean-Paul Boudreau
  • Sarah Crawford
  • George Cooper
  • Mark Fraser, chair
  • Brian Harriman
  • Cheryl Hodder
  • Lynn Loewen
  • Brian MacLeod
  • Susan McIsaac
  • Ron Outerbridge

The Executive Committee shall have the general management and conduct of the affairs of the University (including, but without limitation to, the appointment and the determination of the remuneration of employees of the University) subject to review by the Board, but no action taken by the Executive Committee affecting other parties shall be invalidated or prejudicially affected by reason of any failure by the Board to approve such action.

The Executive Committee shall have power to invest or direct the investment of the trust or endowment funds of the University in what it deems good and sufficient securities and shall have power to call in any money or funds so invested, and reinvest the same. Subject to any instructions from time to time given to it by the Board the Executive Committee shall exercise a supervising control of all financial matters which are under the direction of the Board.


The Executive Committee shall consist of:

(a) The Chancellor;

(b) The President;

(c) The Chair of the Board of Regents;

(d) The Vice-Chair of the Board of Regents;

(e) One of the Regents, appointed by the Board of Regents, and

(f)  The Chairperson of each of the Standing Committees (other than the Audit Committee).