• Carol Chapman
  • Andrew Clark
  • Mark Fedyk
  • Cheryl Hodder
  • Barry Kyle
  • Susan McIsaac, Chair
  • Kevin Wong


  • Jean-Paul Boudreau
  • George Cooper
  • Robert Inglis
  • Lynn Loewen
  • Ron Outerbridge
  • Peter Winters

The finance and administration committee is a standing committee of the Board. The committee shall review and advise the Board on all issues and topics relating to: 

  • personnel
  • legal affairs
  • budget
  • accounting
  • fiscal management
  • such other issues and topics as the Board or the executive committee may from time to time refer to the committee or which the committee may from time to time deem to fall within the general scope of its mandate and responsibilities.

Terms of reference
The finance and administration committee shall have the following terms of reference:
a) advise and assist the Board with developing policies regarding the University's financial and administrative affairs and with reviewing these policies periodically to ensure their continued appropriateness
b) review, annually, the budget proposed by the President for the ensuing fiscal year, advising the President where appropriate; recommend that budget, as and if amended by the committee, to the executive committee for approval

c) monitor financial results through the year as compared to budget and advise the executive committee or the President as appropriate
d) review recommendations on other matters of a significant financial impact proposed by the President, and forward appropriate recommendations to the executive committee
e) review, periodically, the administrative structures, policies, and practices in place regarding the following matters:

  • the ongoing fiscal health of the University,
  • effective management of personnel,
  • prudent and practical risk management,
  • effective and efficient provision of support services and systems, including information technology
  • advise the executive committee or the President, as appropriate, on matters arising from the review

f) advise the President and executive committee on matters related to collective agreements
The finance and administration committee shall consist of:

  • the chairperson appointed by the Board
  • six members, at least one of whom shall be a student and at least one of whom shall be a faculty member
  • the vice-chair (ex-officio)
  • the vice-president, administration and finance (ex-officio)
  • the Chancellor (ex-officio)
  • the chair (ex-officio)
  • the chair of the executive committee(ex-officio)
  • the President (ex-officio)