• Jane Craighead
  • Mark Fraser
  • Andrew Moreira
  • Dan Murray
  • Dan Nowlan, Chair
  • Caroline Pomara
  • Richard Price


  • Jean-Paul Boudreau
  • Lynn Loewen
  • Susan McIsaac
  • Ron Outerbridge
  • Peter Winters

The investment committee is a standing committee of the Board of Regents. The committee shall review and advise the Board on all issues and topics relating to investment of the University's endowment and pension funds.
Terms of reference

The investment committee shall have the following terms of reference:
a) advise and assist the executive committee in developing policies, related to the University's investments, and in reviewing these policies periodically, to ensure the long-term health of the funds
b) make recommendations to the executive committee on the appointment of investment managers and custodians and review these arrangements on a bi-annual basis
c) monitor the performance of the investment managers and make recommendations with respect thereto, as deemed appropriate, to the executive committee

The investment committee shall consist of: 

  • the chairperson
  • six members, at least one of whom shall be a student and at least one of whom shall be a faculty member
  • the chair of the finance and administration committee (ex-officio)
  • the Chancellor (ex-officio)
  • the chair (ex-officio)
  • the chair of the executive committee (ex-officio)
  • the President (ex-officio)