• Carol Chapman
  • Andrew Clark, Chair
  • Mark Fraser
  • Barry Kyle
  • Elizabeth Millar
  • Andrew Moreira
  • Jill Rafuse
  • Sarah Young


  • Jean-Paul Boudreau
  • Lynn Loewen
  • Ron Outerbridge
  • Peter Winters

As Resource/Observer

  • Alumni President - Charlie Scott

The university advancement committee is a standing committee of the Board. The committee shall review and advise the Board on all issues and topics relating to:

  • brand and reputation management
  • marketing and communications
  • development and fundraising
  • alumni relations
  • media and public relations
  • government relations
  • such other issues and topics as the Board or the executive committee may from time to time refer to the committee or which the committee may from time to time deem to fall within the general scope of its mandate and responsibilities

Terms of reference

The university advancement committee shall have the following terms of reference:
a) advise and assist the Board with development of policy regarding the University's external relations and public affairs
b) identify opportunities for the University related to fund raising, special project development, communications, and alumni affairs
c) plan and execute, as required, major fund raising campaigns
d) assist with the preparation of a long term plan for all activities in university advancement and annual operating plans
e) monitor the performance of university advancement as required
f) ensure policy, procedures, and plans are implemented as intended
g) provide advice and support to the President and vice-president, university advancement

The university advancement committee shall consist of:

  •     the chairperson
  •     eight members, at least one of whom shall be a student and at least one of whom shall be a faculty member
  •     the Chancellor (ex-officio)
  •     the chair (ex-officio)
  •     the chair of the executive committee(ex-officio)
  •     the President (ex-officio)