Board meeting dates for 2018-19

  • Friday, Oct. 19, 2018
  • Friday, Feb. 1, 2019 (open meeting)
  • Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Board of Regents holds three different types of meetings:

  • Regular — for Board members and invited participants
  • In camera — for Regents only (generally to deal with land, legal, or labour matters)
  • Open — any individual may attend as an observer

Guidelines for guests attending an open Board of Regents meeting

The guidelines are outlined in Policy 8905 — Board Meetings Policy and Procedures.

  • Guests should arrive before the meeting commences and sit in the designated guest seating area.
  • Larger groups (more than eight people) planning to attend a meeting should advise the Board of Regents’ secretary of their intention to attend one week prior to the meeting to confirm that sufficient seating is available.
  • Seating is limited to the gallery area provided. Invited participants are provided priority to seating with the remaining seating on a first come, first served basis.
  • Guests are not permitted to block entrances/exits to the room.
  • No person may photograph or audio or video record any meeting content or part thereof without the prior approval of the Chair. Any person attempting to do so may be asked to leave the meeting.
  • Signs and props are not permitted in the meeting room, nor is any item to be affixed to the walls or furniture in the space.
  • Meeting attendees are considered guests and must respect that they are spectators only. Guests may not vote and may not speak other than at the invitation of the Chair. Should a guest interrupt a meeting or cause any disturbance, the guest may be asked to leave the meeting immediately. If a disruption continues, the Chair may determine that continuing with the business of the meeting is not reasonable and may choose to adjourn the meeting or move to an alternate location to continue the meeting; in such situations, guests may not be re‐admitted to the meeting.
  • Guests must exit the room as directed for any in camera sessions, but may be re-admitted for any remaining public portion of the meeting.
  • Guests leaving the meeting while it is in progress are asked to do so discreetly and with as little disruption as possible.