Terms of reference

  1. This Committee will act as an advisory committee to the Academic Dean responsible for Academic Integrity (Academic Integrity Officer) in case that involve infractions of academic misconduct by students that may result in disciplinary sanctions such as suspension, dismissal or expulsion.
  2.  This Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending any changes to the Academic Integrity Policy every five (5) years, or more frequently when relevant changes otherwise warrant an update, to maintain the policy’s currency and relevance. 


The Academic Integrity Committee has five members.

One ex-officio member:

  • the Academic Dean (AIO) - Academic Dean delegated by Provost as the Academic Integrity Officer (Chair) — Nauman Farooqi

Two faculty or librarians, elected by the Senate:

  • Terrence Craig (1 Jan 2018 - 30 Jun 2020)
  • Leslie Kern (2018-2021)

One alternate faculty or librarian, elected by the Senate:

  • Andrea Beverly (2018-2021)

Two students, elected by the Senate:

  • Matthew Klohn
  • Samuel Unger

One alternate student, elected by the Senate:

  • Everett Patterson

At least four members.