Ad Hoc Committee on Access Copyright

Terms of reference
The Committee will:

  • review the implications of the operation of the Access Copyright license for the conduct of research, teaching and learning at Mount Allison, with due regard for the issues of privacy and academic freedom;
  • investigate  alternatives  to  the  Access  Copyright  license  and  review their appropriateness for implementation at Mount Allison;
  • solicit  information  as  necessary  from  other  offices  within  the  University and from other external bodies, including universities;
  • make  a  recommendation  to  Senate  on  the  question  of  whether  or  not  the University should continue its relationship with Access Copyright when the current agreement expires on December 31, 2015;
  • recommend actions and timelines for a smooth transition if the recommendation is not to continue with Access Copyright.

The committee will present its final written report and make its formal motion of recommendation to Senate by the March 2014 meeting.

The Ad Hoc Committee on Access Copyright has seven members.

One ex-officio member:

  • the University librarian (chair) — Marc Truitt

Three faculty members, elected by the Senate, with representation from each of the three Faculties:

  • James Kalyn
  • Laurie Ricker
  • Rocky Wilson

One librarian, elected by the Senate:

  • Anita Cannon

Two students, elected by the Senate:

  • Ryan Harley
  • Daniel Murphy

One ex-officio member and four elected members. 


Ad Hoc Committee on Evaluating the Fall Break

The Ad Hoc Committee on Evaluating the Fall Break has seven members.

One representative from the Registrar's Office:


One representative from the Wellness Centre:


Three faculty members, representing each of the three faculties, elected by the Senate:

  • Lisa Dawn Hamilton (2015-2017)
  • Kathleen Lord (2015-2017)
  • Carla VanBeselaaere (2015-2017)

Two student, elected by the Senate after consultation with MASU:

  • Dylan Wooley-Berry (2015-2016)
  • Mary Emma MacNeil (2015-2016)