Terms of reference
The Committee will:

  • review the Senate Policy on Students with Disabilities and make recommendations to the Senate for changes as appropriate;
  • review the services available to students with disabilities and make recommendations to the appropriate bodies concerning improvement in these services;
  • consult with other resource people, within and outside the University community, for advice on improving the environment for students with disabilities.

The Committee on Students with Disabilities has nine members.

Three ex-officio members:

  • an academic dean — Nauman Farooqi
  • the Director of the Meighen Centre or designate— Anne Comfort (chair)
  • the disability services coordinator — Matthew Maston

Three faculty, elected by the Senate, with representation from each faculty:

  • Glen Briand (2017-2019)
  • Jane Mullen (2017-2020)
  • Robbie Moser (2017-2020)

One librarian elected by Senate:

  • Elizabeth Millar (2018-201)

One student with a learning disability (selected by the co-ordinator of The Meighen Centre), elected by the Senate:

One student with a disability other than a learning disability (selected by the disability services co-ordinator) , elected by the Senate:

  • Peter Gale
  •  Kelsi Pellerin

At least one ex-officio member, two elected faculty or librarians, and two students.