Terms of reference
The Committee will:

  • review and assess the cases of graduating students who are likely to be prevented from receiving their degrees or certificates by reason of low averages, failure in a course,  or some special circumstance, and consider students whose GPA falls slightly below the required minimum for Honours or Distinction.
  • work in close co-operation with instructors and department heads when making its decisions;
  • make decisions on all cases prior to the preparation of the list of candidates that is presented at the meetings of Faculty Council and Senate in May and October;
  • add candidates or move candidates to other categories on the list before the list goes to the Senate;
  • post the final list for review at least 24 hours prior to its being voted on at Senate. Any changes made within this final 24 hour period will be circulated to all Department Heads and Program Directors.

The Graduation Review Committee has seven members.

Two ex-officio members:

  • an academic dean (chair) — Elizabeth Wells
  • the registrar — Chris Parker

Four faculty or librarians, elected by the Senate (at least one member from each of the Faculties):

  • David Lieske (2018-2021)
  • Patricia Kelly Spurles (2017-2019)
  • Adriana Kuiper (2017-2019)
  • Stephen Claxton-Oldfield (2018-2021)

One student, elected by the Senate:

  • Laren Bedgood

Two ex-officio members and three other members of the committee.