Terms of reference
The Committee will:

  • review academic policies and standards bearing on the adoption, development, and operation of international programs and exchanges, and make recommendations for changes to the Senate as appropriate;
  • make recommendations to the Senate on the adoption of new international programs and exchanges;
  • advise the International Centre on guidelines for faculty, student and staff international exchanges, and for other programs that involve studying abroad;
  • review standard protocols for transfer credit assessments and credit weighting systems at various international universities, and recommend changes to the Senate as appropriate.

The International Programs Committee has eight members.

Three ex-officio members:

  • an academic dean or director responsible for international programs — Nauman Farooqi
  • a staff representative of the International Centre designated by the vice-president international and student affairs — Adam Christie
  • the registrar or designate

Four faculty members (two members at large and two who are also co-ordinators of international exchanges or study abroad programs nominated annually by the co-ordinators of exchanges and study abroad programs listed in the University calendar), elected by Senate:

  • Lauren Beck  - co-ordinator of an international program/exchange (2016-2019)
  • David Fleming (2018-2021)
  • Christina Ionescu (2016-2019)
  • Tim Reiffenstein (2018-2021)

One student who has been on an international exchange or study abroad program (nominated by the co-ordinators of international exchanges and study abroad programs), elected by the Senate:

  • Kat Fleury

Before October of each year the Committee will elect a chair, and the Committee on Committees will be informed. The Committee Chair is responsible for convening a meeting of the co-ordinators of exchanges and study abroad programs listed in the University Calendar at least once per year.

Two ex-officio members and at least three elected members.