Terms of Reference

The  Committee will:

(a)  be responsible for drawing up the agenda for each meeting of Senate and arrange that all business goes forward to the Senate in the properly prepared form.

(b) maintain the Senate Handbook and Standing Rules and bring proposals for revisions to these documents to Senate for discussion and approval.


Membership: 5 members.

 Two ex-officio members:

  • the President (chair) — Jean-Paul Boudreau
  • the secretary of Senate — Craig Brett

Two faculty members or librarians, elected by the Senate from among the elected members of Senate:

  • Leslie Kern (2018-2021)
  • Andrew Nurse (2017-2020)

One student senator:

  • Noah Fry

 The Provost and Vice President Academic and Research attends meetings as an advisor to the committee.  



1 ex-officio member

2 elected members