Subject: Asbestos Policy
Group: Institutional
Approved by: Vice-President (Administration)
Approval date: June 13, 2008
Effective date: June 13, 2008
Administered by: Director of Facilities Management


The purpose of this Policy is to make available to the community the University’s practices when it comes to dealing with Asbestos.


Mount Allison has adopted A Code of Practice for Working with Materials Containing Asbestos in New Brunswick as prepared by the New Brunswick Occupational Health and Safety Commission and dated March 19, 1992 (the “Code”).

Mount Allison and Mount Allison’s employees comply with the Code.


Facilities Management has the following responsibilities:

  • a. to implement the Asbestos Management Program, as described below, and to recommend changes as appropriate;
  • b. to implement the Asbestos Training Program, as described below, and to recommend changes as appropriate;
  • c. to maintain records of the names of employees who received asbestos training along with the dates and contents of each training session;
  • d. to inspect facilities for deterioration in asbestos-containing materials once per annum;
  • e. to maintain records of inspections including the facilities inspected along with the dates and results of the inspections;
  • f. to supervise and coordinate asbestos abatement activities by outside contractors and Facilities Management staff, and
  • g. to supervise and coordinate asbestos abatement activities by outside contractors and Facilities Management staff, and

4.1 Inventory of Asbestos-Containing Materials
The University has surveyed University facilities to determine the type, location, and content of asbestos-containing materials.

The resulting inventory of asbestos-containing materials is maintained by Facilities Management and is updated as new information becomes available.

All employees have access to this inventory through the following link:

If Facilities Management suspects that materials not in the inventory contain asbestos, that department has those materials tested by an appropriate laboratory.
4.2  Demolition, Alteration, Renovation and Maintenance Work
Whenever such work is being done, Facilities Management reviews its inventory of asbestos-containing materials to determine if the work will involve such materials.

If the work involves such materials, normally the work identified in Appendix A attached hereto is done by Facilities Management staff as described in that Appendix. These are typically Class 1 Asbestos operations as defined in the Code.

Normally, other work involving such materials is done by contractors qualified and experienced with asbestos operations, typically Class 2 and 3 Asbestos operations as defined in the Code.

In the event a Class 2 or a Class 3 operation is done, before work is commenced an officer at the nearest office of the Occupational Health and Safety Commission is supplied either by the contractor or the University with the information listed in Section 9 of the Code.

All such work is done in accordance with the Code.

Asbestos-containing materials are removed whenever it is reasonable to do so as part of an alteration and renovation project.
4.3 Damaged or Deteriorated Asbestos-Containing Materials
Any damaged or deteriorated asbestos-containing materials is cleaned up and removed in accordance with the Code.

Where it is readily apparent that deteriorated asbestos-containing materials will continue to deteriorate, the materials are repaired, sealed, removed or permanently enclosed.


5.1 Facilities Management Staff
Facilities Management staff have been trained to ensure that any work that they do that might involve asbestos-containing materials will be done with due regard for their safety and for the safety of others. New members of staff will receive such training as soon as possible after their employment. A refresher training course will be given to these staff members once every three years.
5.2 Other Staff
Whenever it is determined that an employee may disturb asbestos-containing materials, that employee will be trained to ensure that employee’s safety and the safety of others. Refresher training courses will be given to such employees once every three years.
5.3  Contents of Training
Training includes the items listed in sections 4.3 and 8 of the Code as are applicable in the circumstances.
6.1 Purchase Order Requisitions
Purchase order requisitions that will involve contractors working on University facilities will indicate whether the work could disturb materials in those facilities and, if so, what those materials are.
6.2  Issuing the Purchase Order
Whenever it receives a copy of a purchase order requisition pursuant to section 6.1 above, Facilities Management without delay will a) determine whether or not the materials that will be disturbed contain asbestos and b) advise Purchasing of the determination.
6.3 Purchase Orders
In any case where a determination is required under section 6.2 above, a purchase order will not be issued by Purchasing until the determination is made by Facilities Management.

If a purchase order is issued for work that will disturb asbestos-containing materials, the purchase order will require the contractor to contact Facilities Management before doing the work so that Facilities Management can ensure that the work is done in accordance with this Policy.