Subject: Grounds Policy of the Environmental Policy
Group: Institutional
Approved by: Vice-President, Administration
Approval date: November 28, 2012
Effective date: November 28, 2012
Administered by: Director of Facilities Management

Mount Allison’s grounds operation supports the work and other activities of, and provides a safe and attractive environment for, students, faculty, staff and visitors. This policy is intended to promote the adoption and continued use of approaches to grounds maintenance that will reduce the adverse impact on the environment.


It is the University’s policy to use the following practices for grounds maintenance:

  • integrated pest management (IPM) will be used for pest and disease control using prevention, monitoring, mechanical/biological controls, and, as a last resort, pesticides;
  • landscape plantings will incorporate xeriscaping, water conservation, natural heating and cooling for buildings, site condition selection of plant material and organic mulching to retain moisture and prevent erosion;
  • invasive plants on the New Brunswick list will be avoided;
  • local plants meeting the Canadian standard for nursery stock will be purchased;
  • yard waste will be composted on site;
  • the use of salt or alternatives will be reduced where possible;
  • new equipment with the least impact on the environment will be considered;
  • trees will be maintained by using best practices for tree planting, by monitoring trees in their formative years to ensure healthy growth, by protecting trees from construction damage and by planting three trees for every tree removed; and
  • plant materials will be chosen by taking into account the advice of those with botanical expertise whenever possible.

Facilities Management will collect information and report metrics for grounds maintenance annually. The metrics to be considered for inclusion are:

  • volume of organic and synthetic pesticides used;
  • quantity of salt and salt alternatives used; and
  • number of trees removed and planted.