Contents of First Aid Kits

1 standard first aid manual (English and French)
1 record book and pen or pencil
1 pair of safety shears
1 pair of tweezers
1 variety pack of safety pins
24 sterile adhesive strip bandages (size to be determined by nature and hazard of work)
12 non-adherent pads (various sizes depending on the nature and hazard of work)
4 stretch roller gauze (3 m)
2 rolls of elastic bandages (7.5 cm)
4 sterile compress dressings (100 mm x 100 mm)
6 triangular bandages (1 m)
2 rolls of adhesive tape (25 mm x 9 m)
4 wet burn dressings (various sizes depending on the nature and hazard of work)
6 abdominal dressings individually wrapped (20 cm x 25 cm)
12 antiseptic cleansing towelettes individually wrapped (14 cm x 19 cm)
6 individual packages of sugar
1 container of antiseptic disinfectant for the skin (not iodine)
1 water soluble burn treatment (55 g tube or more)
6 pairs of disposable gloves (purple Nitrile)
1 pocket mask
1 package of cotton tipped applicators
12 hand wipes or 1 bottle of hand cleaner
1 shock blanket
Several puncture resistant plastic bags