Subject: Custodial Administration - Conferences
Group: CUPE Local 2338
Approved by: Vice-President (Administration)
Approval date: May 15, 1998
Effective date: May 29, 1998      
Administered by: Vice-President (Administration)


The custodial workload generated by University requirements in the summer months is greatly reduced from that generated during the academic year and a significant number of full-time custodians are therefore laid off from June to August. During these months, however, there is a fluctuating demand for custodial support from Conferences that requires the services of varying numbers of the laid-off custodians depending on the size and number of conferences being serviced. This policy will provide direction on the administration of custodians recalled from lay-off during the summer months.


2.1 Employee Status
Written notice of lay-off will be provided to all affected custodians at least four weeks prior to the start of the lay-off period in accordance with article 21.05 of the Collective Agreement. Once the lay-off date is reached, Facilities Management will endeavour to allow each employee two full weeks without recall in order to allow employees to establish eligibility for Employment Insurance. Once that period is complete, the status of the custodians will be that of a laid-off employee subject to temporary recall for various periods over the summer months. They will continue to be a laid-off employee until they receive a written notice of recall at the start of the fall school term.

2.2 Recall Procedures
Conferences will inform Facilities Management each Thursday by noon hour of their confirmed number and distribution of bed-nights for the subsequent week. Based on those numbers, the Custodial Services Manager will determine the requirement for custodial support and on Friday, the laid-off custodians will be informed in order of seniority exactly what work there is for them the following week. Those that are at work on the Friday will be given a written notice of temporary recall which they will acknowledge with a signature. Those custodians not at work will be telephoned in order of seniority and informed what work there is for them the following week. They will be given a written notice of temporary recall when they report to work the following week which they will acknowledge by signing. A log will be kept when employees are being contacted by phone and if an employee does not answer the phone before the ninth ring, then they will be considered unavailable for work. If a call is answered by an answering machine, a message will be left and the work will be assigned to a less senior employee unless the employee responds to the message before the work has been assigned to a less senior employees. Once a temporary recall notice has been given either in writing or on the telephone, then it will be a binding commitment by Facilities Management on behalf of Conferences to employ and pay the recalled custodians for the period indicated. Facilities Management will endeavour to ensure that the number of custodians and the number of days of work assigned to each custodian will be determined in a manner that effectively and economically meets Conference's needs while providing the most beneficial circumstances for the employee.