Subject: Uniforms and Personal Appearance Standards
Group: CUPE Local 2338
Approved by: Vice-President (Administration)
Approval date: September 16, 1997
Effective date: October 15, 1997     
Administered by: Director of Facilities Management


The success of Facilities Management is determined in part by establishing and maintaining a consistent, identifiable and professional image of quality care and service.

Uniforms and accompanying footwear are provided by the University, in accordance with the Collective Agreement, to aid in achieving this objective as well as to protect and assist staff in conducting their assigned duties.

While at work, staff are to wear properly maintained University-provided uniforms, to observe other dress standards, and to observe good habits of personal hygiene.

Questions about or guidance required regarding uniforms, footwear, other dress code or grooming standards should be directed to an employee's immediate supervisor.


2.1 Definition of Uniform
The following items are deemed to be part of the Facilities Management uniform:

  • shirt
  • smock
  • pants
  • shorts
  • jacket shell (for outside workers)
  • jacket liner (for outside workers)
  • overalls
  • coveralls
  • ball caps
  • boots, and
  • shoes

2.2 Ownership of Uniforms
Once issued to the employee, all uniform items, except jackets or liners, will become the property of the employee and he/she will be responsible for the maintenance or replacement of the item. Employees are responsible for ensuring that their uniforms are clean, pressed and in good repair. Jackets and liners purchased by the University will remain the property of the University and will be replaced only when an employee returns their old jacket or liner and provides an explanation for the replacement. Jacket or liner replacement will be funded from a clothing budget outside of the individual annual allotment.

2.3 Procurement of Uniforms
The University will budget $180.00 annually per bargaining unit member in order to fulfill the obligations of the Collective Agreement. Each employee will be able to use his/her budget allotment to ensure that he/she has sufficient uniform items to meet the requirements of this policy. If an employee requires more than $180.00 worth of uniform items in a fiscal year, then the employee will be required to pay for the items themselves. Any funds not used by the employee will be used by the Department to procure general safety or environmental clothing items. The Facilities Management Department will provide each employee with the opportunity to order any uniform items that they require in May of each year. The source of uniform items will be identified to employees so that they can procure uniform items themselves, if required at other times of the year.

2.4 Uniform and Footwear Standards
Uniform and footwear standards will be determined by management after consultation with staff and will take into account factors such as professional appearance, identifiability, comfort, maintainability and durability. Standards will vary by work group based upon needs and expectations of the work to be performed.

Footwear standards will conform to Occupational Health and Safety standards where required.

Uniforms and footwear are to be worn as intended (i.e. shirts buttoned, smocks tied and not loose, shoe laces tied, etc.)

2.5 Other Dress Items
Ball cap styles other than the designated uniform ball cap are not to be worn on the job.

Sunglasses are to be worn for daytime, outdoor use only.

Identification tags are to be worn by Facilities Management personnel at all times when inside University buildings. They are to be worn in a visible location on the uniform in the plastic sleeve provided by the University.

Only pins approved by the employee's supervisor may be affixed to the uniform. Pins likely to be approved include University service pins, or pins for other service organizations such as fire and ambulance. Any other jewellery should be worn in moderation and only where safety is not at risk (i.e. no dangling earrings or bracelets are to be worn that might lead to an accident)