Subject: Storms
Group: CUPE Local 2338
Approved by: Vice-President (Administration)
Approval date: March 31, 1997
Effective date: April 30, 1997   
Administered by: Vice-President (Administration)


Winter storms can make road conditions dangerous and even impassable. While it is important that the Facilities Management Department maintain essential services to the University, employees are not expected to unreasonably risk their personal safety to come to work or remain at work.


2.1 General Closure 
In the event of extreme weather conditions, the President may restrict service or declare the temporary closure of the University. In this event, employees will be given direction by their supervisors to depart work early or not to report to work until the closure is cancelled. If given such direction, employees will be paid for any time that they cannot work as a result of the closure. Any employee required by their supervisor to report for work or remain at work during the closure, in order to handle emergency work, will be compensated in accordance with Article 25 of the collective agreement.

2.2 Individual Circumstances
During storms where conditions do not warrant closure of the University, individual employees may be unable to report to work or may wish to leave work early due to road conditions. The following procedures will apply.

2.2.1 Prior to Shift
Employees are expected to make every reasonable effort to come to work in time to start their scheduled shift or, if delayed by the storm, to arrive within one hour of the scheduled start time. If they are unable to report to work, employees are to inform their supervisors or, failing that, they are to call 364-2444 and leave a message indicating their situation and when they expect to be able to report to work. Employees who arrive on time or within one hour of starting time will be paid for the entire shift. Employees who do not arrive within the hour of starting time will only be paid for the hours worked that day. Any time that is missed can be covered by banked or vacation time, or the hours can be made up at a time mutually agreeable to the employee and the supervisor.

2.2.2 Early Departure From Work
If during their scheduled shift any employees become concerned that they might have difficulty getting home due to weather conditions, they are to inform their supervisor of their concerns and request permission to depart early. Once informed, the supervisor will not unduly prevent the departure of any employee who wishes to depart. Employees will not be paid for that portion of their shift after their departure. Any missed time can be covered by banked or vacation time, or the hours can be made up at a time mutually agreeable to by the employee and the supervisor.