Subject: Request For Time Off
Group: CUPE Local 2338
Approved by: Vice-President (Administration)
Approval date: September 16, 1997
Effective date: October 15, 1997     
Administered by: Vice-President (Administration)


Employees are hired primarily because there is an ongoing requirement for the completion of a specified set of duties during normal working hours. Paid vacation is provided primarily for employee rest and recreation or for other personal uses. Limited periods of paid time off are also provided for in the collective agreement for specific purposes. This policy provides direction for making requests for any type of time off.


2.1 Vacation
Vacation is pre-planned, paid time-off from work for non-specific purposes. Each employee earns credits for vacation time in accordance with the Collective Agreement and is entitled to and normally expected to use vacation credits in the year after they are earned. The vacation year is from July 1st of one calendar year to June 30th of the next calendar year. Vacation requests are to be submitted by April 1st of each year for the subsequent vacation year (i.e. the vacation year beginning July 1st). Requests for specific vacation periods will normally be granted unless workload makes the attendance of the employee at work necessary. Vacation requests submitted by April 1st will be granted first on the basis of seniority and will be posted on the vacation schedule prior to May 1. Requests submitted after April 1st will be granted on a "first come-first served" basis, subject to workload in the department. Vacation requests may be cancelled by the employee at any time prior to the scheduled start of the vacation period and can be re-scheduled at a time mutually agreeable to by the employee and supervisor. If a suitable period for the cancelled vacation cannot be agreed to, then the employee may be required to take the vacation at the end of the vacation year

2.2 Other Time Off
Article 34 of the Collective Agreement deals with leaves of absence. Requests for leaves of absence for extended periods of time are to be made in writing and will be considered on an individual basis. Other types of time off which are requested on a more routine basis include:

  • Bereavement
  • Maternity
  • Jury Duty
  • Banked Overtime
  • Time off without Pay

The entitlement for time off for Bereavement, Maternity, Jury Duty and Banked Overtime are outlined in the Collective Agreement. Time off without pay for reasons not covered in the Collective Agreement will not normally be granted until vacation, banked overtime or other specified entitlements for time off have been exhausted.

2.3 Requests for Time Off
Planned periods of vacation are to be requested on the Vacation Request form issued each spring for submission by April 1st. Requests for vacation not submitted by April 1st and requests for other types of time off are normally to be requested in writing on the attached form at least 48 hours in advance of the start of the absence. Such requests will be considered on a "first come-first served" basis. The supervisor's decision with respect to approving the absence will be communicated to the employee as soon as possible after the request has been submitted. The time off will be considered to be approved when the employee receives his/her copy of the request form with the supervisor's signature on it. Emergency situations requiring time off with less than 48 hours notice should be discussed with the supervisor as early as possible and the request form must be filled out in arrears if the request for time off is made by telephone.

Employees Request for Time Off Form