Subject: Variable Hours of Work
Group: CUPE Local 2338
Approved by: Vice-President (Administration)
Approval date: May 15, 1998
Effective date: May 29, 1998    
Administered by: Vice-President (Administration)


1.1 General
As long as the University is provided with dependable Facilities Management services during normal working hours, employees within specific sections of the Facilities Management Department will be allowed to work hours other than the normal hours of work identified in the Collective Agreement. A pre-arranged schedule of working hours will be set by mutual agreement in writing between the supervisor and all of the employees effected by the schedule. The total hours of work per week for each employee in the extraordinary schedule must add up to the total work week under the normal schedule; the number of hours per day may vary as may the number of days worked in the week.

1.2 Vacation
Vacation will be taken in hours rather than days. If an employee or employees wishes to take vacation during a period when his or her absence would prevent the department from providing services during regular working hours, then the employees remaining at work will revert to regular working hours to cover the absence.

1.3 Statutory Holidays
During a week or weeks when a statutory holiday occurs, all employees will revert to their normal hours of work so that each will receive equal benefit from the holiday.

1.4 Overtime Call-in
Once the schedule has been agreed to by both parties, then any work required by the supervisor outside of the agreed upon schedule will be considered to be overtime and will be treated in accordance with the Collective Agreement.
1.5 Termination of Agreement
The extraordinary schedule, once agreed upon, can be terminated by either the supervisor or the employees prior to the start of any work week by notifying the other parties in writing.