Subject: Overtime Approval
Group: CUPE Local 2338
Approved by: The Vice-President (Administration)
Approval date: September 16, 1997
Effective date: October 15, 1997
Administered by: Vice-President (Administration)


The administration of overtime can be a confusing and even contentious issue. It involves work outside of standard working hours, it involves extra compensation for the employee and it involves additional costs for the university. It is important that a standard procedure be followed so that any misunderstandings be minimized.

2.1 Authorization
Employees will not normally work outside of normal working hours unless they have been specifically authorized to do so by their supervisor or the Director of Facilities Management. The only exception should be when the Engineer on Duty in the Heating Plant is unable to contact the supervisor and calls the employee to react to an emergency as outlined in policy 3.1.

2.2 Administration
Whenever an employee is authorized to work overtime, whether as a call-in or as an extension of the work day, the employee will complete an "Employee's Report of Overtime" form and submit it to their supervisor for approval. If the information is complete and correct, the supervisor will sign the form, return one copy to the employee and attach one copy to the time sheets for the period during which the overtime was worked. If the employee does not indicate that the overtime credit is to be banked, then the payment will be made on the employee's pay.

Determination of the appropriate employee to be offered the overtime and the rate of pay for any overtime worked shall be in accordance with Article 25 of the Collective Agreement.