Subject: Purdy Crawford Staff Award of Excellence
Group: Staff
Approved by: The President
Approval date: March 2007
Effective date: March 2007     
Administered by: Director of Human Resources


The purpose of the Purdy Crawford Staff Award of Excellence is to recognize significant contributions to the University by staff members of the University Community, beyond that normally expected for their position.

At least one Award will be made each year. However, in exceptional circumstances more than one award may be made. Nominations for both individuals and groups/teams will be accepted.

The Award will be a $1000 honorarium along with a framed certificate.

Presentations to award winners will be made at the annual Employee Recognition Reception, normally held in May. Each person who is nominated for an award but who does not receive an award will receive a letter of recognition from the President.

All non-faculty employees with continuing appointments are eligible for these awards.


The selection committee will review nominations and make a recommendation to the President. The committee will consist of:

  • The Director of Human Resources
  • One staff member appointed by the President
  • One faculty member appointed by the President
  • One student member appointed by the SAC

Nominated candidates will have displayed exceptional service to their department or to the University community. Among the factors to be considered by the Committee will be:

  • Enhancement of the reputation of the University
  • Provision of exemplary service and a willingness to go far beyond the job to assist other staff, faculty, students or other members of the University community
  • Demonstrated innovation in the provision of services with a significant impact in terms of efficiency, or time, or cost.


The President will call for nominations in January. The deadline for nominations will normally be March 31st. The nomination must provide evidence (to a maximum of two pages) to support the case why the nominee is deserving of the award. A nomination form will be available to those nominators who prefer to submit their nomination in this manner. Each nomination must include the name of two referees. Nominations are to be submitted to the Director of Human Resources.