Subject: Mass e-mail to Alumni, Friends, and Donors
Group: University Employees
Approved by: Director of Alumni Relations
Approval date: July 29, 2008
Effective date: October 8, 2008
Revised: January 30, 2015
Administered by: Vice-President (University Advancement)


This policy applies to all mass e-mails being sent to alumni, friends, and donors of Mount Allison University.


2.1 Definitions (for the purpose of this policy)

  • Mass e-mail: An e-mail message sent to a group of more than 25 alumni, friends, or donors that is clearly being sent to a large group.
  • Alumni, friends, or donors: This policy will refer to “alumni, friends, or donors” interchangeably by the term “alumni”. In general, it refers to those records kept in the University’s Advancement Database.

2.2 Addressing and Sending
The University Advancement mass e-mail service will only utilize addresses maintained in the Alumni Database. E-mail messages will not be sent to privately held e-mail address lists (i.e. lists purchased).
The actual sending of the messages will be accomplished via the Alumni Relations Office. Campus units will not be provided with a list of e-mail addresses.

Messages will only be sent to those alumni who have not opted-out of receiving e-mail according to the records held in the Alumni Database.

2.3 Frequency and Timing

Alumni Relations will do its best to limit mass e-mail contacts to alumni to a maximum of 3 per month.

Therefore, any individual or unit wishing to send a mass e-mail message to an alumni list will need to schedule the date into an available time slot.

However, if two units wish to send a mass e-mail message around the same time and the two groups have little overlap — e.g. Calgary Alumni Chapter and Moncton Alumni Chapter — Alumni Relations will determine that both can go around the same time.

2.4 Scheduling

Scheduling will be requested via an online form.
2.5 Content Guidelines and Approvals

  1. All alumni e-mail messages will include opt-out instructions.
  2. No attachment will be allowed.
  3. E-mail messages should use proper grammar, language, and punctuation and should follow University standards. E-mail messages will be edited for this purpose as needed. Any changes will be made apparent to the original sender via a “test message” that will be a standard part of the process of mailing.
  4. E-mail messages which include research surveys require approval by the Alumni Relations Office and may be subject to other guidelines than written here.
  5. Alumni e-mail messages must be approved by the Director of Alumni Relations, or his or her designee.