Type of expense: Air Transportation
Documentation required: E-Ticket passenger itinerary and proof of payment

Type of expense: Rail Travel     
Documentation required: Original passenger ticket or E-ticket itinerary and proof of payment

Type of expense: Hotels     
Documentation required: Detailed hotel bill. If booking is made electronically through a third party and the detailed hotel bill is not available, a copy of the online booking PLUS proof of payment must be submitted together.

Type of expense: Personal Car Usage
Documentation required: Other proof of travel should be submitted such as air fare, hotel, conference registration, etc.

Type of expense: Rental Car     
Documentation required: Original rental agreement and proof of payment

Type of expense: Registrations     
Documentation required: Detailed Registration form and proof of payment.

Type of expense: Other Expenses     
Documentation required: Original Receipts

Type of expense: Third Party Reimbursements     
Documentation required: Original Receipts and Financial Services will certify copies for you to submit to the sponsor.

Type of expense: Cell Phone Charges     
Documentation required: Business calls made on personal cell phones can be claimed by submitting a detailed phone statement. They must be identified on the statement.

Type of expense: Per Diems when no travel related expenses claimed     
Documentation required: Proof of Travel: i.e.) Boarding passes, gas receipts, rental car agreement, restaurant bills

Note: Online credit card statements are acceptable. It is not necessary to wait for the original statement.

The acceptability of proof of payment is as determined by Financial Services.