Subject: Accessible Facilities Policy
Group: Institutional
Approved by: The President
Approval date: June 20, 2013
Effective date: June 20, 2013
Administered by: Vice-President, Administration


Mount Allison must take reasonable steps to accommodate those with mobility challenges so that they can be employed by, and receive services from, the University.

Unfortunately, making all of the University’s facilities accessible over the short term is far beyond the University’s financial capacity given that most of its facilities were constructed before making them accessible was a requirement or an expectation.

As a result, the University must deal with this issue in a planned way so that it makes the most effective use of available financial resources while at the same time ensuring that it meets its obligations in this area.


It is the University’s policy
a) to deal with accessibility issues whenever it is reasonable to do so as part of a capital project,

b) to take whatever steps are necessary and reasonable to accommodate a specific individual, which steps could include

  • i) making an area accessible to that individual, or
  • ii) moving an activity to another area, and

c) to provide information to the community, through appendices to this policy which are updated on an annual basis, about

  • i)  the steps that have been taken (See Appendix A) and
  • ii) the steps that are planned (see Appendix B)

to make the University’s facilities accessible.