Subject: Policy for the Naming of Assets
Group: University Advancement
Approved by: The Board of Regents
Approval date: February 3, 2017
Effective date: February 3, 2017
Administered by: Vice-President (University Advancement)


1.1  Mount Allison University recognizes the tradition of naming assets in honour of persons and organizations who have made exceptional contributions to the University or to the broader community.

1.2  This recognition strengthens the institution, its mission, its heritage, and its connection to the community.  

1.3  The University will ensure that naming opportunities are used judiciously and with due diligence to ensure that individuals and organizations are of sound reputation.

1.4  Consistency will be exercised in paying tribute to benefactors and other meritorious persons.

1.5  Names are usually attached to a particular asset in perpetuity or for the useful life of the asset except in cases when naming opportunities are limited to a fixed time period.

1.6  This policy applies to the naming of all University assets, tangible and non-tangible, whether existing or proposed.



2.1  Each naming shall enhance the approved mission and values of the University while preserving the University’s integrity and the academic freedom of its faculty members.

2.2  Normally, commemorative naming of a University asset in honour of a member of the University community shall not be conferred until three years following the member’s retirement or death.

 2.3  The authority for the naming of assets will be in proportion to the value of the asset to be named.