Mount Allison University is currently conducting a search for a provost and vice-president academic and research.

The University is working with the support of Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette (KBRS). The aim is to have the new provost in place for July 1, 2020.

Latest news

March 2020: The Search Committee has identified four finalist candidates. The candidates will be making public presentations on campus during the month of March.

Community input

Consultation will be a key part of the search process. Feedback will be solicited from the community at various points. Specific calls for feedback will be communicated widely and shared on this page.

Candidate presentations

Candidate A: Monday, March 9

  • Cover letter and CV  
  • Public presentation  
  • Survey 

Candidate B: Tuesday, March 10

  • Cover letter and CV 
  • Public presentation  
  • Survey 

Candidate C: Friday, March 13  

  • Cover letter and CV  
  • Public presentation 
  • Survey 

Candidate D: Friday, March 20  

  • Cover letter and CV  
  • Public presentation 
  • Survey 


Contact KBRS

You may also share comments with Anna Stuart or Sarah Tingley at 1-866-822-6022 or at or

All information will be held in strictest confidence by KBRS and will be shown only in aggregated form in order to ensure that the identity of individuals is not disclosed.

Search committee

A Search Committee has been established to conduct the search for the University’s next provost and vice-president academic and research.

Committee members:

  • Jean-Paul Boudreau, President (chair)
  • Kim Meade, vice-president, international and student affairs
  • Nauman Farooqi, dean of social sciences and business
  • Christina Ionescu, associate professor, Faculty of Arts
  • Stephen Law, professor, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Margaret-Ellen Messinger, associate professor, Faculty of Science
  • Shawna Garrett, registrar
  • Jeff Wright, executive director of development
  • Matt Litvak, MAFA president
  • Sam Unger, student
  • Katherine DeVere-Pettigrew, director of human resources (ex-offico)


The search process is expected to follow the following timeline:

November-December 2019

January-April 2020

  • Candidate interviews
  • Stakeholder feedback