Community consultation — Feb. 26, 2021

The Canadian Centre for Legal Innovation in Sexual Assault Response (CCLISAR) has been undertaking detailed community consultation as part of their review process. CLISSAR representatives have met or have meetings scheduled with a variety of groups on campus, including the Sexual Violence Prevention Working Group, Rose Campaign executive members, MASU, the Wellness Centre, and Student Life/ Residence Life.

Additional feedback opportunities have now been scheduled for late next week:

Student sessions
Two sessions will be held on Friday, March 5: one from 1-2 p.m. and the other from 2:15-3:15 p.m.

Faculty and staff session
A session is scheduled on Thursday, March 4 from 3:30-4:40 p.m.

Any individual who is interested in participating in one of these sessions is advised to contact Lucrèce O'Neal at Lucrèce will be able to provide you with a link to the Teams meeting.

If you are unable to attend one of the times above but would consider participating at a later date, please contact Lucrèce. Depending on the level of interest, additional feedback opportunities may be added.

In addition, any member of the Mount Allison community, whether student, faculty, or staff, may provide feedback to CCLISAR directly at any time. CCLISAR has created a dedicated, confidential e-mail account specifically for this purpose. E-mail to share your thoughts.

Update on the independent review — Feb. 18, 2021

The University has engaged the Canadian Centre for Legal Innovation in Sexual Assault Response (CCLISAR) to conduct a comprehensive independent review of policies and practices related to sexual violence prevention, support, and education at Mount Allison. A detailed update of the terms of reference, review timeline and methodology, upcoming community consultation opportunities, and consultant profiles is now available on the independent review page.

To date, CCLISAR has been reviewing Mount Allison's sexual violence policies, procedures and background documentation. The next phase of their review, continuing through the end of March, will focus on community consultation.

Consultation sessions with representatives from Mount Allison community:

  • To date, CCLISAR has met with representatives of the Sexual Violence Prevention Working Group, MASU, the Wellness Centre, and Student Life/Residence Life.
  • Additional discussions are being arranged for March 2 and 5 with a range of student, faculty, and staff participants reflecting diverse perspectives.

Any member of the Mount Allison community, whether student, faculty, or staff, may provide feedback to CCLISAR directly:

  • CCLISAR has set up a dedicated e-mail account for this purpose:
  • All comments e-mailed to CCLISAR will be treated confidentially.

As a reminder, the review process will be completed in June, at which time CCLISAR will submit their final report, including recommendations, to the University not later than June 30, 2021. CCLISAR's report will be made public.

Action Plan Update — Jan. 25, 2021

Building on earlier updates, the following information provides a more detailed look at the action plans that have been implemented and are now underway. As a general goal, the work of all the groups referenced below will take place in the winter term, with final recommendations brought forward to the President and Cabinet in May/June. Each group will be developing their own work schedule and timeline within this overall timeline.

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Sexual Violence Prevention Working Group

This internal group is co-chaired by Dr. Lisa Dawn Hamilton and Michelle Roy, a fifth year graduating student. Membership on the working group has now been established and includes the following individuals.

Members of the Sexual Violence Prevention Working Group

Faculty & staff representatives

  • Krista Johnston, assistant professor of women’s and gender studies and Canadian studies
  • Anne Comfort, vice-president, international and student affairs (acting)
  • Pierre Arsenault, director of athletics and recreation

Student representatives

  • Kira Bubar
  • Hannah Hawkes
  • Moeka Irikura
  • Ania Kolbuszewska
  • Rohin Minocha-McKenney (MASU representative)
  • Graeme Stevens

Student members of the Working Group represent a cross-section of the student body, with students from second to fifth year who study in Arts, Commerce, Social Sciences, and Science.

The Working Group's main areas of focus are assessment and recommendations regarding:

  • campus-wide education and prevention
  • the survivor support system
  • how the University handles and adjudicates harassment and assault cases

The Working Group will call upon a wide range of consultants with different experience and backgrounds on the subject and will reach out to students and staff for input.

Additional details about the Working Group’s review and community consultation will be shared in the coming weeks.

Contact the Working Group:

Independent review of University policies and procedures responding to sexual violence

Following a search process, the University has selected the Canadian Centre for Legal Innovation in Sexual Assault Response (CCLISAR) to conduct a comprehensive review of our sexual violence policies, procedures, practices, and resources.

CCLISAR is a respected consulting firm that has experience working with universities in the area of sexual violence prevention and support.

CCLISAR specializes in: 

  • the development of effective legal responses to sexual assault
  • identifying barriers and perceived barriers to reporting sexual assault presented by the legal system
  • designing effective mechanisms and frameworks for adjudicating claims of sexual violence

Key aspects of their terms of reference include:

  • the development of a comprehensive report that summarizes the review process
  • an overview of the information gathered (in anonymized form)
  • providing recommendations to the University for improved policies and procedures and survivor supports

Read CCLISAR's complete terms of reference.

CCLISAR's review process will feature:

  • The creation of a three-person external Independent Review Panel (IRP) comprised of a practising lawyer with expertise in gender-based harm and university-specific complaints, along with two other individuals with legal expertise in responses to sexual violence. Read bios of the three members of the IRP.
  • The IRP will undertake a document review of all relevant University policies and procedures, as well as documents and policies that may intersect with policies dealing specifically with sexual violence (as examples, collective agreements and student code(s) of conduct).
  • Consultations with members of the University community during February and March. The opportunity to participate in consultation with and provide feedback to the IRP will be advertised in due course to students, staff, faculty, groups, and other interested stakeholders.

The output of the IRP’s document review and consultations will then be assessed by means of an Expert Advisory Group (EAG), whose purpose is to review and assess draft recommendations for the University.

The Expert Advisory Group will be comprised of:

  • the three-person Independent Review Panel
  • two additional members selected by CCLISAR and who are external to the University
  • the co-chairs of the Sexual Violence Prevention Working Group
  • up to five additional members of the Mount Allison community, selected by the University

The EAG’s work is expected to take place in April/ May.

A final report will then be prepared by the IRP and submitted to the University not later than June 30, 2021. The final report will be public.

Board of Regents Ad Hoc Committee

The University’s Board of Regents has established an Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on the Prevention of Sexual Violence.

Regent members include:  

  • Dr. Jane Craighead (chair)
  • Brandon Blakney
  • Cheryl Hodder
  • Susan MacIsaac
  • Dr. Odette Snow
  • Dr. Andrew Wilson
  • Lisa Yarmochuk

The Ad Hoc Committee’s mandate includes:

  • monitoring the University’s progress toward assessment and prevention of sexual violence
  • reviewing recommendations submitted to the University
  • advocating to the full Board for appropriate resources to implement improvements to education, prevention, policies and procedures, and survivor support strategies, based on recommendations submitted to the University

Mount Allison Students’ Union (MASU) Ad Hoc Sexual Violence Committee

The MASU will undertake its own initiative in preventing sexual violence on campus and dismantling systemic issues associated with rape culture within our community.

This group’s focus will be on:

  • reviewing existing University services that address sexual violence and reporting mechanisms
  • reviewing the University's implementation of the recommendations made by the 2018 Rape Culture Working Group
  • staying up-to-date on the work of the University’s Sexual Violence Prevention Working Group
  • recommending new reporting measures
  • encouraging training on sexual violence for sports teams, clubs and societies, and residence leaders to be expanded
  • keeping the University accountable on promised changes

MASU councillors-at-large Rohin Minocha-McKenney and Erica Nowlan will co-chair the Committee. In addition, Rohin Minocha-McKenney will also be a member of the Sexual Violence Prevention Working Group.

Find out more
For more information on the Committee, please contact either Erica Nowlan ( or Rohin Minocha-McKenney (