Deadline for applications is October 1 

Awards will be made after this date and will be valid for the coming year.
Applications are welcomed from individuals, groups, or departments, and should be submitted using the on-line application system Romeo @ MTA.

Create your application first and save it as a PDF document, as this site will prompt you to attach a PDF of your application. Your application should be succinct and should include:

  • a brief description of the project
  • the itemized budget
  • the budget item(s) for which the support is being requested
  • the total amount requested from the committee
  • other sources of funding (secured or applied for)
  • the date by which it is anticipated that the funds will be spent 
  • Student applications must include evidence of faculty supervision, such as a letter from their faculty supervisor address to the Committee.

Please be guided in preparing your application by the formal terms of reference under which the committee must operate.

It should be noted that the committee is generally reluctant to approve requests to fund the purchasing of equipment. Also, applications are looked upon more favourably when it is clear that the proposed project would be of interest to a constituency wider than any single department.

Terms of reference
The money is to be used for projects which will, in a non-routine way, provide for some dimension of quality in the fields of Fine Arts or Music, or some special activity which could bring an extra measure of cultural development to an individual or to a group or perhaps whole Mount Allison institution or its constituency. It is suggested that the income not be used for projects which the University might ordinarily be expected to sponsor and also that it would be unwise to commit funds ahead to ongoing perennial projects.

The Fine Arts can be considered as those areas of human activity devoted to the expression of beauty which have been developed to a high level and which are recognized as requiring special talent and training or study in their mastery. Clearly then such a definition could include the special interests represented in our Fine Arts and Music departments and as well architecture, creative writing, dramatic art, dance, elocution or debating. There may be other activities which qualify from time to time, which would be a matter for the committee’s judgment, always bearing in mind the requirement of quality in any proposal or project.