Part-time Employment Related Expenses
Under Clause 29.01 of the 2016-19 Collective Agreement, eligible part-time employees may request the following:

Reimbursement of expenses up to $250
i)     In each academic year an eligible part-time employee shall be reimbursed for professional expenses up to $250 for:
         a)    the purchase of books, journals, and equipment,
         b)    the payment of training fees, tuition fees, and membership fees,
         c)    the payment of travel expenses, and
         d)    any reasonable teaching-related expenses including the purchase of computer software.     

Your signed expense claim should be submitted to your department head along with your receipts for reimbursement, and clearly marked for Clause 29.01 i) reimbursement.

Application for anticipated expenses over $250 and not normally over $2,000
ii)    Any eligible part-time employee may apply to the Provost and Vice-President, Academic and Research, using the on-line application system, for funding to support the discharging of their professional activities and responsibilities. These expenditures may include, but are not limited to, the purchase of books, subscriptions, supplies, and travel expenses. The Senate Research and Creative Activities Committee shall review each application and make a recommendation to the Provost concerning funding of the application. Since this Committee meets monthly during each of the fall and winter academic terms, please ensure that your application is submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the proposed activity. Applications for the May-August period must be submitted by the preceding 1 April.  

Applications are submitted using the on-line application system Romeo @ MTA.

    Use this link for instructions on how to submit using the on-line application system Romeo@mta 

Remember to copy your request to the Union and to your Dean, or, in the case of a part-time teacher, the manager of your work unit.

•    You must have an active part-time employment contract at the time the expenses are incurred.
•    Any property purchased with the funds shall be owned by the University.